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With the turn of the season I always have that problem of having worn nothing but lovely summery clothes for months I go back to my wardrobe swing open the doors….and see nothing. This, I feel is a woman’s privilege…new season means new outfits. No? No – Daddy Lloyd doesn’t think so either!

However, when I opened poor B Lloyd’s wardrobe this week and pulled out her jeans and long sleeve tops I realised they were for a 5 year old B Lloyd that I managed to get her into last winter…with her being an almost 7 year old B Lloyd (eeeek how is that possible?) she definitely needs some new clothes.

I was asked to review the clothes on AlexandAlexa and having had a good browse around I found some pretty cute outfits that would look awesome on B Lloyd, my particular favourite being this gorgeous long sleeve top with matching scarf (and a bargain at just £15) and I couldn’t help but think the outfit would be complete with some tartan shorts, and stripy tights! Although the total cost of the outfit would be £49 I reckon I could get her to wear it pretty much anytime she is not in school uniform so I’d get my money’s worth!!

There are loads of lovely choices for cute girly outfits, with some very lovely party frocks for this years party season so I had best start saving to head back and kit out B Lloyd for Winter 2013.

Now for those of you with younger children, I did also find the most gorgeous shoes for babies and toddlers and know they would definitely have made our wishlist when B Lloyd was younger. Seriously what could be more cuter than a 2 year old in Ugg Boots? A tad over the top I know, but then I do adore my Ugg Boots!!

There is even a fab AlexandAlexa competition running at the moment to win a wardrobe if ever a sign to head over there and start shopping I think that’s it!


Disclosure: This post is in association with AlexandAlexa




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