Walk to School Week 2012 2

I must admit when I heard what B Lloyd’s Reception class teacher told her on Friday that “everyone MUST walk to school next week” I was a little peeved. We actually live 3 and a half miles away from the school and with me not feeling at my best in the mornings at present I was not so inclined to give the idea much consideration.

B Lloyd had very different ideas though, and even stamped her feet in the playground with Nanna at hometime when Nanna also suggested that Mummy Lloyd wouldn’t be well enough to make the 40 minute walk one way, let alone both ways. By the time she got home she informed me that she “absolutely HAD to walk to school every day and get a sticker each day for doing so.”

Oh Well, if you get a sticker, you should have said!

With a little bit of compromise (and the weatherman sending the sun) we have indeed been taking part in the Walk to School Week 2012, and you know what we are having a blast! We are driving the first part and parking in a handy located pub car park and walking the rest of the way. Today B Lloyd wanted to scoot (is that against the rules?) and it was fabulous, the sun was shining, no need for coats, and plenty of fun. Mini Lloyd even decided to not make me feel too sick as well!

I have always been teaching B Lloyd the “rules of the road” and she is very good, but she has been pointing out good places to wait to cross the road, and talked about how important it is to wear a helmet whether scooting or riding a bike.

So weatherman if you could continue to send the Sun to Hampshire for the rest of this week we would really appreciate it, and we will continue to take part in the Walk to School Week!





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2 thoughts on “Walk to School Week 2012

  • elizabeth

    What lovely pictures! Finally, after all these years, we live near enough to walk or scoot or bike every single day to school, so yep, you’ve guessed it, this year, our primary school is not doing ‘walk to school week’. Typical hey?!

    • louise Post author

      Oh No! What a shame! We would walk daily if we could, its just far to long and her little legs wouldn’t be able to do it. The compromise is working well though, we are still walking a good 15 minutes and she is loving it 🙂 Shame on your school for not taking part this year XX