The Pregnancy Hormones 9

The pregnancy hormones are raging right now. To the point where if someone, just anyone, was to say just general words to me I think I could shout and scream. Not necessarily at them persa (depends on what it was they said) just at the universe to let out some of this steam I can feel building inside the pressure cooker (me).

Rather than letting the hormones get the better of me I decided what a perfect thing to blog about – and to reflect on the reasons as to why I think my hormones are currently raging (almost) out of control.

Should be currently noted by all

1) I’m hungry? Yes this could be it, having returned from the school run I have now found a packet of Giant Chocolate Buttons that are helping ease the hungry feeling.

2) I’m overly tired? Hmm yes this could be a factor as well. I am definitely tired today, I worked a nurse shift at the Portland Hospital yesterday on a long day and I am definitely feeling over tired, the kind that sleep can’t quite make you recover from. Exhaustion? Maybe.

3) I’m cross at the amount of times I have got wet today? Seeing as I spent most of the previous week jumping (ok, so slowly climbing down the steps) into a gorgeous swimming pool I’m not sure this is quite the right reason, maybe more the soggy, damp, deary rain that is constantly pouring down my neck each time I step outside the house or car today. Anger at the fact that this time last week I was lounging around in 30 degree heat and enjoying realising the sky IS another colour than dark grey, it can be DARK BLUE. Yes maybe.

4) Annoyed at my inability to ever say no? Yes this could be getting closer to the fact, as I was writing the words I felt my fingers jam the letters on the laptop! My overactive mind has been going over and over the massive list of things I have committed to over the next few days, weeks, months and I need to start saying no.

5) Cross at other people Yes this is definitely currently helping the hormones to rage slightly more. Talking to B Lloyd about her first day back at school and it seems that a parent helper told her she has “lost a library book” Well no actually she has not “lost” anything. All school books live in her book bag apart from when we are reading them. And she just told me her class teacher (a sub for today) thought it was a sharing book. So rather than accusing a 5 year old maybe check first. Annoyed that I am having to hold a preschool meeting this evening when I didn’t know anything about it until last night (hmm this might cross over with reason number 4 as well)

And breathe.  Yup think they are all good reasons! These pregnancy hormones are funny, this morning they had me crying in the car listening to James Corden’s acceptance speech for his Tony Award (seriously the most emotional speech ever! Watch it and try not to cry!) and now this afternoon I am so cross! Have you suffered like this? Would love to hear what you did to keep calm and rational!

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9 thoughts on “The Pregnancy Hormones

  • Kel

    Poor you, all you can do is rest, eat, say no and scream when needed! Oh and regarding other people, you won’t be able to change them so ignore (or scream louder!)

    Off to watch the video now, I am determined not to cry!

  • Tracy

    Love this blog!!! But yes you NEED to learn to say NO………hope B Lloyd is ok 🙁 getting wet is VERY annoying too as its the wrong kind. Hope you’re ok though x x x

    • louise Post author

      Awww thank you Tracy! Glad you like to read it 🙂 Hoping in a few months I will have a great record to read back and smile about! Yes all ok, just a pregnancy hormonal rage earlier!! X

  • Bod for tea

    Oh goodness, no words of wisdom from me I’m afraid, but just to say I’m with you on the hormone front, 17 weeks along and watching Disney with the toddler sends me into floods already! 😀

  • Kate

    Calm and rational is over-rated in my opinion.
    Be yourself, rest when you can and pray for sunshine soon.
    All the best with the pregnancy and birth