The Holiday Blues 4

We have been back for just over 24 hours and the holiday blues have most definitely hit! Daddy Lloyd was back at work today and B Lloyd and I were tasked with the job of washing and clearing up. Huge cries of booooooo’s were heard (and that was just from me!) It also rained all day. Rain? Seriously what is that about? The week leading up to us going was beautiful and then we have just had the most gorgeous weather in Tenerife.

But no good old Sunny England welcomed us back with a rather turbulent descent into London Gatwick which did not amuse Mini Lloyd (or me) very much. I had the very glamourous moment of actually having to vomit into a paper bag on the plane. Mini Lloyd decided he/she was not happy to be back in England and continued to make me spin and feel sick as we made that long walk from the gate to passport control. They helpfully put in those walking escalators, so we attempted use of one, luckily they also handily placed a bin at the end of the first one which I was then able to vomit into whilst stroking my stomach and saying loudly “oh dear baby is not happy” so the rest of the people leaving the plane did not think I was some drunken mother!!

We are all looking far to brown to be in a wet, windy and cold country so there is only one thing for it….plan another holiday! Hmmm maybe no one tell Daddy Lloyd that bit just yet…

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4 thoughts on “The Holiday Blues

  • Jessamine Hislop-Newton

    This reminded me of our trip to Menorca when I was 13 weeks pregnant with No. 3, she also had a very similar dislike to flying on our way out and back again. Not sure who was more embarrassed me or hubby who was having to search for the next paper bag 😉 Glad you all had a nice break

    • louise Post author

      Thank you Jess! I was definitely embarrassed especially with B saying very loudly, wait Daddy Mummy is being Sick AGAIN! Glad to hear I’m not the only pregnant woman to suffer then 😉 xx

  • Carolyn Davis

    The only time I was ever sick when I was pregnant with Harry (I know karma is going to come back and bite me for saying that when we decide it’s time for #2!) was when I was on a plane that was landing. I also had the distinct pleasure of using the barf bag. 🙂