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Last week I really enjoyed joining in the photography challenge set by Tara Cain over at Sticky Fingers. Each week she sets a photography theme for bloggers to go out and interpret. Last week as if by chance I had taken a photo that fitted the description perfectly.

This week’s theme is Fitness. Yeah. Exactly. I have not exactly been oozing the picture of health and fitness recently, I have the worst stomach muscles in sight (start thinking fist and how far it can fit through the hole). All those post pregnancy blues that women get? Yeah I have that, the flabby stomach, the stretch marks but with no baby to hold and cuddle to make you feel better about yourself. So I thought I would sit this week’s theme out.

Then along came beautiful B Lloyd on Sunday afternoon, and asked whether we could all go for a Sunday afternoon swim together as a family. It was awesome, we practised some of her awesome swimming moves and I enjoyed swimming alongside her and getting those aching bones and muscles to start moving about again.

Daddy Lloyd and B Lloyd played their favourite game of who can hold their breath the longest under water and I respectvely kept my headΒ aboveΒ the water. We all tried out our Michael Phelps best moves coupled with some attempts of some Tom Daley dives and we left the pool tired, exhausted but pleased with our sunday afternoon fitness.

The photo opportunity presented itself to me when we got home and it was time to ring out those wet cozzies.

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