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This pregnancy is a world of difference from the pregnancy I had with B Lloyd. The other problem is of course, is that my previous pregnancy was 6 years ago so it could well be my rose tinted glasses that are making me remember that pregnancy as being full of fun, laughter and easy goingness.

Did I suffer with as much sickness? Definitely not. But I do seem to remember the weird sense of smell, I vividly remember not being able to walk down a refridgated aisle in Tesco because the fridges smelt so bad.  Weird Huh?

Well this time it’s my whole kitchen that smells. Literally. The kitchen smells rank, as does the bin, fridge,dishwasher, washing machine, sink, and anything that is made in the kitchen. The main most offensive thing in the world that anyone could make in my kitchen right now would be Coffee. (You notice here I don’t mention the oven, the truth is it does smell, bloody evil in fact, but it’s a known fact that I don’t cook so thought it would be wrong of me to list it)

Back to the coffee.  Shame Daddy Lloyd cannot function without his million cups of coffee in a morning. I think he will happily agree with me that so far my super ability for smell is not a superheroes most wanted ability. X-ray vision; now there’s a suggestion!

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