Sport’s Day 12

Time for a light hearted blog? – Yes Please 🙂

Having had one of the longest weeks of our lives Daddy Lloyd and I were totally up for some good old fashioned family fun time. Now let it be known now that we love a good adventure and will often find ourselves off on an outing, break away or trip to just explore, investigate and just have a great time with us all. Seriously in this house even a trip to post office can turn into a full scale scooting event with picnic! Anyway I digress.

Yesterday was B Lloyd’s first proper school sport’s day, the weather took a break and the sun was shining (honest) we had our picnic packed, sunglasses on and B Lloyd dressed in the colours of Canada. No, don’t worry, you haven’t missed the fact that we are a Canadian family living in the UK. Orange Class were representing the country of Canada in the school’s Special Olympic Sport’s Day.

We had such a fun morning, the whole school was out on the field, parents, siblings (bumps) and grandparents filling up more than half the space of the field and being the novice parents we are, we were not packed out for the long haul. It actually looked as though families had pitched their tents and camped out to ensure they had the best space for the races. Luckily, literally as Daddy Lloyd confessed to having forgotten the picnic blanket I specifically told him to pack, the lovely Kerry appeared as if by magic and offered us a front line view slap bang on the finishing line within her “camp”. It was her third year I’ll have you know.


Back to the ceremony, now I know I am pregnant and its been a long week, but I was not expecting the emotion that crept over me as the olympic music started playing and each class with their teacher walked the perimeter of the course waving the flags of the country they were representing. Each child looking so thrilled and excited at the prospect of the morning, every pair of eyes searching the crowds for their parents to wave their flag at, every parent cheering and clapping as each class marched by. Sat in my borrowed chair, with the sun streaming down on us, I was so thankful for my sunglasses because I will let you all in on a little secret. Unbeknown by even Daddy Lloyd I watched clapping, unable to cheer as the silent tears rolled down my face. I just felt happy.

The races were excellent, each class having devised their own “novelty” race – Canada/Orange class had a pancake race as well as a running race. B Lloyd was just grinning through it all and thoroughly enjoyed it – then came the Mummy Race. B Lloyd has been telling me all week that she didn’t expect me to do it, because I can’t run, I have a baby in my tummy. Pah. As if I would let that stop me 🙂 I did however decline the kind offer of the beanbag between my legs. Daddy Lloyd excelled in the “ring on your head, whilst carrying a potato on a spoon” daddy race and the teachers ran a fabulous designed relay race.

We got to then eat a great picnic all together with the B Lloyd tucking into her lunch and asking Daddy Lloyd what else he had packed. There was even one of the actual 2012 Olympic Torches doing the rounds as one of the Mum’s from the school had been a torch bearer the day before in Basingstoke, it definitely gave the day a very special feel.

The morning was brilliant and full credit to the school for putting on such a lovely event, us parents getting a couple of hours rest whilst they carried on the school day. B Lloyd skipped out of her classroom when I picked her up, with “a real Metdal” round her neck. No I haven’t misspelt medal. Just ask B Lloyd to say the word medal and you will understand. The Major had been in to give every child an Olympic Medal.

Definitely a day of memories.

B Lloyd’s medal


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