Sofia, Doc McStuffins and B Lloyd 2

Team Lloyd have been asked to review two Disney Junior Soundtracks, the brand new Sofia The First Album and Doc McStuffins Album. We received a copy of each CD for the purpose of the review, opinions and videos are our own! Although Daddy Lloyd put up a fight it was decided that the best member of Team Lloyd Towers to review these would be B Lloyd so for the first time ever, I am handing the reigns over to B Lloyd…..

Last week before we set off for our holiday to Swanage Mummy called me to the bedroom, I was supposed to be collecting the toys I wanted to pack and I *may* have started to play instead, ooops!

Anyway when I got there Mummy had something hidden behind her back, I had to close my eyes and hold out my hands…then when I opened them I had two brand new CD’s I was very excited!

Two of my FAVOURITE programmes since we came home from Florida! I Love Sofia and I think Doc McStuffins is really really good too! Mummy said we could listen to them in the car on the way to Dorset!

So basically every day since I have been found humming and singing and dancing to myself because I now can listen to all my favourite songs whenever I like! The best bit is that even Mummy and Daddy have started to like the songs, Daddy was singing Perfect Slumber Party at work all day yesterday. The only thing I am sad about is that on the Sofia Album it is missing a great song from the movie, I think it would be called “I’m not ready to be a princess”. I would really like to have had that song too.

Mummy says she prefers the Sofia album, and that the Doc McStuffins album is too short but I don’t think that’s a problem, it just means I get to hear all the good songs again and again really quickly! (And I think Mummy is just wishing she was a princess like me!)

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