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I have been meaning to post a few follow up pictures from last weeks Photo of The Week which caused quite a few people to question where on earth I was! So I really wanted to sit down this evening and write a little bit about how gorgeous Salisbury Cathedral is.

It’s a bit of a tradition with Team Lloyd, (and we all know how much we LOVE our traditions  in this team!) if we visit CCMel we go to the Cathedral too. I have many many photographs that we have taken whilst there, as it truly is such a beautiful Cathedral. It is so peaceful, so striking, so steeped in history yet has such a natural blend of modern throughout that it doesn’t fail to take my breath away every time we step inside.

The Font is amazing, I have never seen anything like it, such a modern twist on something that has such religious meaning and used in so many cathedrals and churches across the world. It grabs everyones attention as you walk into the cathedral and it shows the most amazing reflection in the water, it is so still it looks like glass!



Going back this time with the canon I couldn’t wait to get some lovely photos, so choosing last week’s Photo of The Week was tough, so here are a few more photos that I took to practice my photography skills and also to show off how gorgeous the Cathedral is. Hopefully if you ever find yourself in Salisbury I hope you will pop in and fall in love with it’s beauty too!

Salisbury Cathedral



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One thought on “Salisbury Cathedral

  • Emma

    What gorgeous pictures, thank you! My Grandparents don’t live all that far from Salisbury and we used to visit the cathedral a lot. When we were really small it seemed sooo ginormous, and it was just fascinating! I also used to love going there because there was the best toy shop just outside the close!! 😀