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If you have been reading my blog over the past month you may remember that I mentioned that I had received an email from a relative that had offered to do something simply amazing for Team Lloyd. I wanted to be able to give her a blog post all to herself because what she has offered to do has touched Daddy Lloyd and I so much.

We honestly don’t have the words to thank Kate for offering to do this, she emailed me asking our permission and when I spoke to Daddy Lloyd about it we knew the answer was of course yes but how could we ever thank her? We still don’t have an answer on how we are ever going to thank Kate, but I have been able to positively concentrate on helping Kate achieve her challenge. I can be a determined woman when I want to be (much to the annoyance of Daddy Lloyd) so I am determined to do Harry proud and raise as much money as I can for Kate.

Kate is running the Great South Run on October 28th 2012 – this is a 10 mile run (how many miles is it before you can call it a Marathon? I think 10 miles justifies a marathon) So anyway Kate is running the Great South Run in the Memory of Harry Lloyd and by doing so will be raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The money raised will go into the research for all families with Cystic Fibrosis but also to help fund the research into the genetics for families like us.

I know I have yet to go into the details of Harry’s diagnosis but it all started with a hyperechogenic bowel on our 20 week scan, this led us down the route of further testing with one of these tests testing just me (to begin with) for a carrier status of Cystic Fibrosis. It is apparently so rarely seen that testing parents for their carrier status in the UK is not routinely carried out – yet the actual statistics are that 1 in every 24 caucasian’s will be a carrier. Suddenly not that rare then.

I obviously do have more feelings and thoughts that I want to say on this but for now, raising money for research and awareness into Cystic Fibrosis is our priority and I want to encourage as many of you as possible to click through to Kate’s fundraising page and please sponsor her – just a pound. If everybody donates her just £1 the amount raised will blow through any of our expectations. My aim is to reach an amount that mirrors my busiest ever day here on the blog. That day in August (helped I am sure by the Love All Blogs Showcase) 657 of you visited us and many of you left us beautiful comments on our Dedication to Harry. If all of you sponsored Kate then that money raised not only will be in honour of Harry but will go on to help other families that are going through what we are. And what a huge amount that would be!

So many of you have asked us many times what you can do to help? We just please ask that you visit Kate’s page  and make a donation to support firstly Kate in her challenge of The Great South Run, secondly to honour beautiful Harry Lloyd and lastly to help raise vital funds to help other parents to not suffer the heartbreak that we are suffering daily.

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12 thoughts on “Running in Memory of Harry Lloyd

  • Kate Beer

    Louise I feel honoured thank you so much for this blog. After a disappointing start with shin splints i’m feeling super positive today after managing 7 miles. Who knows how the legs feel tomorrow though! Hence why replying to your blig, on my phone, in the bath to ease those ached! Lots of love to you x

    • louise Post author

      You stay there my love! Soak and relax, and you know I will be there every step of the way with you – albeit from the sidelines!! But I will I promise try and encourage as many people as possible to sponsor you. 7 miles today is amazing! Well Done XXXX

  • Kate

    Just had a look at the fundraising page. Can’t believe everyone’s generosity! Thank you to everyone and to Louise for helping me every step of the way xx

  • Allie Howard

    Hi Louise, once again I’m so sorry for your loss and hope Harry is flying high with the angels. Thank you too for raising awareness of CF and the vital research and work of the CF trust; it’s something I’m all too familiar with as my cousin lived with the disease for 21 happy and challenging years. I agree that more work needs to be done as there are more carriers out there than we know. Even with my family history I wasn’t tested when pregnant with Dylan. Good luck to Kate on her run and to you and the family on your journey to honour and remember Harry. X x x

    • louise Post author

      Oh bless you “Bod” thank you so much. That is so kind of you, I know Kate getting a lot of support from watching the total go up, and it means the world to me and Daddy Lloyd. Thank you xxxxxx

  • Actually Mummy...

    I’m so sorry I don’t have much to give, but I will give what I can and share your post as much as possible. It helps so much to do something positive when you are grieving and I salute you for that. Having gone through CF tests with my eldest, and seen those who were clearly battling with it, and now seeing your stats, I am amazed that we don’t know more about how to live with it, and save lives…