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When I was asked to write a sponsored post about Road Safety I jumped at the chance, having had several encounters during my life where the importance of road safety has made an impact on us. I thought what an important topic it is. Especially with teaching B Lloyd all about her green cross code.

Just over two years ago B Lloyd and I were in the car going on the shortest of journeys back home. We had just (and to this day I still thank my lucky stars) dropped off one of B Lloyd’s friends back at their house. As we drove away I was aware of the parked car on the other side of the road, what I wasn’t expecting was another car to come flying over onto my side of the road and keep going.

There is that moment whilst you are trying to break when you know there is nothing more that you can do, you are going to hit. Now I am again always thanking my lucky stars because I can’t have been doing more than 15 miles an hour, it was a small residential road, but the other driver was doing at least 35 miles per hour to get past the parked car so the damage to the cars was more than just a gentle bump.

With the sound of a much smaller B Lloyd screaming in the back seat my immediate and over whelming priority was to her. Not to the other driver, me or even our car, and I think it was me running around the car to get B Lloyd from her car seat that made the other driver realise exactly what he had done. Thankfully, other than us both being very shaken, B Lloyd and I were both fine, as was the other driver. It did however leave a lasting scar in me.

So much so that I promised myself on the side of the road that afternoon that not only would I teach B Lloyd all about her Green Cross Code (is it still called that nower days?) but also about how dangerous roads and cars can be. Keeping her safe is our number 1 priority.

Not that I ever like to admit that my mother is right, but when I learnt to drive (oh so many years ago!) she told me it doesn’t matter how safe a driver I am, its the other cars, other drivers, other people on the roads that cause accidents. And its so true.

I could not control that other driver driving like an idiot to be home 5 minutes quicker on the Friday afternoon, he and he alone chose to speed up to whizz past the parked car. But what I can do is teach B Lloyd about safety, and do as much as I can to prevent any type of car accident in the future.

When we are walking or crossing any road, or even just in a car park we have set rules. B Lloyd knows the story of when her Uncle CC was 14 years old and he was knocked over by a car because he wasn’t concentrating or looking and he walked straight out onto a oncoming car. Again, luckily, although he was knocked through the windscreen someone somewhere must have been looking after him that day, because he only suffered a cut finger (and a ride in a ambulance with his stricken looking mother and sister!). So our rules are: she holds an adult’s hand, she does not run or pull away, and we stand side by side at a suitable place to cross the road. We look, we listen and we wait and eventually when it is safe to cross, we walk and don’t run to the other side.

I can only hope that by being open and talking with B Lloyd that we can teach her how to be safe around cars & roads and that in 30 years time she can sit and say the same thing as me, My Mother Was Right, it is the other cars, other drivers and other people I have to be aware of.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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