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When I was pregnant with B Lloyd I discovered the wonders of Pregnancy Yoga. I absolutely loved it, it was every Monday morning and it always set me up for the week ahead (At the time I was working on peadiatric intensive care in London) so I would rosta for Mondays to be my day off so I could go and enjoy the yoga. It had taken me ages to find the lady who ran it, and I truly have always believed since, it was the yoga that made B Lloyd’s labour so easy straightforward.

I looked up Fiona several weeks ago wondering whether she still ran the classes – and she does! I know over the past 6 years though there are now many many businesses out there that offer pregnancy yoga, pregnancy Pilates, and then baby massage. I did look into the other options and yes these businesses had flashy websites and “super deals” to try and entice me to spend my money  to experience their very special forumla of pregnancy yoga with them, but I felt some loyality to Fiona who had already gotten me through one pregnancy and labour.

Fiona Wells - A very gifted yoga teacher

Last night was the first lesson of the summer course and it was great! A little strange to walk back into the building that I remember so well from 6 years ago, it still smelt the same and I had so many flashbacks to so many lessons it was bizarre! Almost like time had stood still. I left that hall at 40 weeks pregnant, full of expectations of labour and the exciting weeks ahead, I returned 6 years later, again pregnant, and nothing had changed.

I love the relaxed atmosphere of the class, everyone at completely different stages of their pregnancy. One lady at 38 weeks and myself and a couple of others way back at 15-17 weeks. The class is centered on gentle movement and engaging with your bump. I remember last time how I always felt so connected with my baby during and after the lessons so I was excited to feel the same wave of emotion flood over me.

The only difference I really found was how hard I found the movements, I literally have hibernated for 17 weeks and most of those were spent either over the toilet or on the bed wishing the world to stop spinning. A couple of times I felt myself getting dizzy so I am beginning to think this is going to be a symptom I will suffer with throughout this pregnancy, I also felt so stiff like my muscles have forgotten how to stretch and move. But I am hoping by starting now and continuing right up until the end again I will start to reap the benefits as I did before.

Oh. Yeah. And it brought home one more thing. This baby will have to actually get out of my body at some point. There will be another labour.



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5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Yoga

  • Ruth

    Lovely post. I did yoga with my first and it was definitely what helped me the most in labour. The midwives even said they could see I’d done yoga before I said that I had. I’m planning on doing it again with this one, though probably not for a while longer (started at 30 weeks with 1st) – mainly because evenings are still pretty hard for me with putting toddler to bed and then crashing on sofa, and it costs a fair amount, which is money well spent, but we’re also on a relatively tight budget. Definitely looking forward to it 🙂 x

    • louise Post author

      Thank you! Glad it’s not just me that has found it so useful. Completely agree on the cost and those flashy websites were very expensive compared to Fiona who is independent. Hope to see the benefits again this time 🙂

  • Claire@Mummy Plum

    This was really interesting. I’ve not tried it, but am thinking of trying it this time. Last time I did a hypnobirthing course – which was excellent, and I think really helped my mindset as we approached the birth – as well as during the labour.

    • louise Post author

      Ooh hypnobirthing…I don’t know much about that Claire – would be interested in learning more about it. Anything that helps the mindset running up to and during labour I only see as a good thing!! Definitely give the yoga a go – cannot recommend it highly enough 🙂