Photo Of The Week

I love taking photos, I love it so much that this year I invested in my first “real” camera. A Cannon 600d ISO and its B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. I even sent myself on a photography course so I am often found muttering words of f stops, shutter speeds and aren’t I clever I took that in manual.

But you know what? I still often find myself taking a quick snap during the week on my iPhone. Sometimes, moments in time just need to be captured.

It is these moments in time that as a Mummy I just love, I love catching moments that I want to treasure forever, it can be anything from a Team Lloyd adventure moment, or it can be an amazing macro photo or stunning sunrise or sunset. I love the picture perfect moments as well as the more quirky funny angle photos.

I do adore a photo that speaks a thousand words and I do like a photo that requires no explanation but I accept that sometimes the photo means so much to the photographer (me!) that sometimes the photo might include words within it or sometimes I just might want to tag it because I love it that much and *hushes voice* I just might want to it be found via google searches.

So Photo Of The Week is simple,

It’s a photo taken by me during the week (sometimes it might even have me actually in the photo in which case it will have been taken by a Team Lloyd Member).

It may or may not contain words within the subject matter.

It might be a simple family snap to capture a moment or it might be an artistic planned photograph either way I will want to share it for it will have meaning to me, to Team Lloyd and our blog. (And hopefully you might like it too!).

I would LOVE it if other bloggers in the blogging world, would like to partake in Photo Of The Week, and if you do I promise to visit every single blog and share some blogging love with comments and social shares, and I would encourage you to do the same. If you don’t wish to join in that’s cool too, I know there are loads of photo memes out there.

If you want to join in then I will even open a linky on a Friday/Saturday and leave it open until mid-night on a Sunday so you should have plenty of time to choose your best Photo Of The Week!

All photos I will tweet a link for, comment, share and I even have a dedicated Pinterest Board so we can view all the pictures ever linked up!

I even have one of those rather fetching Blog Badges that all the Cool Blogs have – please do use it, I’m kinda proud of it.

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