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I thought long and hard over what I wanted to have as my Photo of The Week this week, and in lieu of sunflowers I decided to go for the next best thing that could make me think of spring. So making a bowl of fresh fruit for me and B Lloyd to share made me think about the fact that spring is now just really around the corner.

And we do love our fresh fruit!

So Photo of The Week has made it into the second month of the year and I am so excited with how many of you are showcasing your photos so as usual if you are not sure what to do Read Here, then enter your blog below – Simples.

Please make sure you visit some of the other entries and show some photo love, it makes us all feel happy – and you might just find another blog to love too.

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One member of Team Lloyd, Sharing our expat tales and adventures, loves photography and capturing "that moment" Currently can be found in the sunshine, Southern California.

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