Photo of The Week

Photo of The Week

Team Lloyd

I was thrilled to see so many people join in last weeks official launch of Photo of The Week – thank you so much! I will continue to shout and share your photos, and don’t forget to go visit the other blogs that have joined in and share some Photo of The Week love!

As you can see a bit of a Team Lloyd Adventure photo this week, just a shame you can’t hear the noise that was coming from B Lloyd ;)

Not sure what Photo of The Week is? Read about it, take a photo, come and join in!

21 thoughts on “Photo of The Week

    • Hi Lisa, thank you so much for linking up! I was trying to comment on your blog but couldn’t find how too?!

      Yes Donutting was loads of fun! Will definitely go again I think X

  1. What a great picture, it looks so much fun!

    Spotted this linky last week after it had closed, so been keeping my eyes open for this week, what a great idea.

    How do you make blog badges? I really want to make one but just can’t figure it out…

    Hope you are all well xxxx
    Miss_Biggun recently posted..Photo of The WeekMy Profile

    • Hehee, I think we will have to go again because it was pretty awesome! Daddy Lloyd had hurt his back though so couldn’t come with us, so I am sure we will find ourselves back there again soon!

    • Hi Lillnha, it is absolutely wonderful to have you join up! Thanks so much and I am glad you like the idea – hopefully its a nice way of showcasing some fabulous photos! X

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