Photo of The Week

Photo of The Week


Team Lloyd

Disney are in a league of their own in being able to create magic in front of your eyes, in places that you may not even expect to see it.

So as you are rushing to get through those Magic Kingdom gates, it’s worth stopping and looking around you because before you even catch a glimpse of that beautiful castle there is a message and hidden Mickey face just waiting to greet you :)

So although perhaps cheating a little in Photo of The Week I thought this was a great photo that I can follow up with all our Disney Adventures over the next few posts – I promise not all my Photo of The Week’s will be Disney for ever!

So I will be a bit more on the ball this week, last week I loved seeing and commenting on all your photos, and all were pinned onto the Photo of The Week board but I never had chance to tweet – this week I will do all three, so get sharing those links!


7 thoughts on “Photo of The Week

  1. Oh I love this picture of B and her daddy and how lovely with Fathers Day on Sunday. Disney really is somewhere you will never forget, it’s a completely different world. Our Teen was six when we went to Florida and she still remembers it so well. It always makes me happy thinking about it and I’ve no doubt you will be the same. Hope your weekend is great x
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