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A small confession as we all know I am no longer in NYC, but I wanted to share this picture. Its not technically brilliant by any means and I really do need to invest in a decent tripod for night time photography but I liked it because of the stunning views across the city. There is something very magical about being at the Top of the Rock looking over at the Empire State Building and even in the distance seeing the Statue of Liberty lit up. (Again I note needing a better lens so I could have zoomed in). Next time. Next Time.

We had some marvellous photos showcased last weekend, so I am really looking forward to seeing this weeks Photo of The Week‘s so please join in below and visit the other’s, I will comment, share, tweet and pin each Photo of The Week!

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One member of Team Lloyd, Sharing our expat tales and adventures, loves photography and capturing "that moment" Currently can be found in the sunshine, Southern California.

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8 thoughts on “Photo of The Week

  • Sarah

    I actually really like the composition of this shot. Youve stuck the empire state building firmly in the rule of thirds which draws the eye in. I like that is perspective from the other buildings and depth with the river and bridge in the background. Maybe all i would do to this pic is darken the backs a little, you can do this really in a post processing software, then your sky would be totally dark and your lights would pop. 🙂

    Oh and in rarely use a tripod although for night shots its really handy but can always wedge your body against something, use your elbows as props on a wall or something and either place your camera on the surface or if not hold your breath when your fire the shutter. :))

    Or if you want to have your shutter a little bit faster so you can hand hold without worrying…bump your ISO up and your f stop a bit faster….personally though I think a bit of blur is quite good in these cityscape type pics, there’s lots of movement in a city and i think a little blur really gives that feeling in a image.

    Ooops sorry I have go on and on and on…

    Sorry :-/

    Happy Sunday Hun x