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I am so enjoying having this space to write about just everyday things, I am loving some of the other blogs I have been finding through the fabulous Love All Blogs and I am finding myself thinking of things to write about all the time! It seems so different, when I have blogged for business I have found it a chore! Anyway…

So this week I am 15 weeks pregnant! Wow, how is that possible? To be honest I think I have been so concentrating on trying to not feel so ill that I have been taking each day as it comes. I have spent so many days laying on my bed between school runs thinking, just keep still and you wont be sick again that I may not have been bonding with this baby.

It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago whilst chatting to Kel from Writings, Ramblings and Reviews because I was still saying “well you know if everything goes well and you know nothing goes untoward then Mini Lloyd will be….” and she stopped me and said “Lou you have had your 12 week scan, you know everything is ok, you ARE having a baby” Deep down because of how sick I have been I have been telling myself something might go wrong, that this can’t be right.

But very slowly as the sun has made its way out into our skies again, and I have been able to move around without being so sick I have started to realize this is happening….I am growing Mini Lloyd and I might even be moving into the second trimester where lies the promise of more energy, less sickness, and the wonderful “blooming” moment that everyone talks about. It’s time to stop thinking negatively at what could go wrong but to start thinking about all those exciting firsts that are just around the corner.

Are those flutters I am beginning to feel? Are my clothes beginning to stretch? Is my bump now really visible for all to see? And start those wonderful conversations about names, Daddy Lloyd and I just love playing the Vito Game. The only problem is we are rapidly not going to have any names left on the table!

My view looking down already! 15 weeks

Hoping everyone else thinks pregnant and not fat!


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10 thoughts on “I am peeping out from behind the sun…

  • Ruth

    Just thought I’d pop over and say hello to you on here too! Sorry to hear that you too have been suffering badly with pregnancy sickness. Mine’s been awful too, and I can totally relate to lying down whenever I can, in between looking after a lively toddler (I think he’s young enough to not really know what I’m doing bent over the toilet!). Still not great even at 18 weeks, but I was like this for about 20 with my first, so hopefully not much longer to go! It is nice to enjoy the sunshine (even if from the shade because I’m so hot!) and get more positive with the nice weather 🙂 Hope you start to feel ‘blooming’ really soon!

  • louise Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Ruth! Sounds like we are having similar times and you are a few weeks ahead so it will be great to keep track of each other! Really hope we both start to feel “blooming” soon!

  • Suzanne

    Congratulations, that’s fab news! Your little girl looks so chuffed in the picture on your front page 🙂 I always thought that if you’re feeling sick then that’s good news, that is how it’s supposed to be.

  • Claire@ Mummy Plum

    Hi there. I found you on Love All Blogs. Congratulations on your pregnancy!. I’m 14 weeks this week, so not far behind you. I’m trying to think positively too and not worry. Each day that passes it’s getting easier – and each day I’m feeling better too. (Thank goodness). Look forward to charting your progress over the next few months!

    • louise Post author

      Hi, thank you for stopping by! I am loving Love All Blogs for finding new blogs to read, I’ll definitely stop by yours as well. We are really close in our pregnancys so it will be lovely to chart both our progress! X

  • Mammasaurus

    Oh you deffo look pregnant and not fat – look at that neat bump! It pokes out in all the right places ie. just the front and not the whole 360 degrees!

    Oh the joys of flutterings and the excitement they bring – I loved being pregnant so much and having had 8 children I do miss being pregnant, which sounds odd I know but then I have spent most of my adult life being pregnant…

    And thank you for your kind Love All Blogs words at the start – most kind of you x