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Team Lloyd thank you for popping over to the blog today, but we are afraid that we will be unable to respond to all of your lovely comments (hint hint) until later. We will be out of office for the majority of the week I am afraid.

You see the last two days we have been rather busy reading some rather exciting brochures, letters, and pouring over a very certain website. I tried to avoid the bit I always hide from – the dreaded packing, but somehow it got done (Thank You Daddy Lloyd).

We have been dreaming about where to head to first, the SplashWater World, the Fairground, the Skyline Pavillion, of who we might meet, Billy Bear, Bonnie Bear, the Skyline Gang, Mike the Knight, of what sort of bed B Lloyd will get to sleep in. Ok so B Lloyd has been dreaming of what her bed will be like, could it possibly be a bunk bed with her own TV?

We have Daddy Lloyd has been packing and repacking the cases as we I kept changing my mind on what we needed to take. I think it was fair, I WILL need that extra pair of boots. With the weather literally deciding to take us headlong into a cold February snap we have packed our wellies, winter coats, gloves and matching hats and scarfs.

We have made a million itineraries all currently clasped in B Lloyd’s hand and I am very sure she will keep us to every single one. Daddy Lloyd and I will need to remain out of office next week too just to recover I think.

So in other words by the time you read this we will be on our road trip and it might just take us to our Butlins Ambassadors Holiday!

Disclaimer: We are currently a part of the Butlins Ambassadors Programme, and we are being provided with a 4 night break at Butlins for ourselves in return for our reviews. Our opinions and any related reviews will be our own and will give a true reflection of the holiday that we experience. 

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