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Let me set the scene: A lovely hotel in London and two excited bloggers were getting ready for a day at BritMumsLive – discussing what would be a good breakfast option for us, (errr krispy creme’s from the Tesco Express Obviously!) One of the bloggers has the most amazing luck with competitions and is often known to be winning some amazing products (whilst the following conversation was taking place, I was in fact using said blogger’s travel straightens that she errr won in a competition!) Anyway we were laughing at the fact that I was one of those people who will happily moan at never getting to win anything, but then I never enter any competitions so that might hinder my chances some what. So I set out that morning saying, fine I’ll prove it. I will enter lots of competitions today and just watch when I don’t win.

Can you see where this blog post is going? No, well keep reading!

I loved getting a chance to speak to the sponsors and companies that were in the Hub, and after we had spent a good 20 minutes sat on the WarnerBros sofa’s literally scoffing our Krispy Creme’s chatting to the very lovely staff about movies we moved on and meet the very lovely Katie from Butlins. What a lovely lady she is! We spent ages just having a general chat about life, and she even remembered Kelly from last year’s cybermummy – now that is great customer service! Katie spent some time explaining the Butlins Ambassador role (which by the way sounds amazing!) and then asked whether we would like to enter the prize draw for a Butlins Goody Bag. Here was my opening and happily gave over my little business card and went away happy in the knowledge that I had entered a competition and would shortly be able to smugly tell Kelly “See I never win”

My Butlins Winning Goody Bag

Ok, so I had won ONE competition – and yes that was me squealing at the back of the main conference hall during Sarah Brown’s inspirational keynote speech. (In my defence I don’t usually win competitions) It is an awesome goody bag and we are a family who LOVE red and white spotty items ever since B Lloyd was a baby bridesmaid in a red and white spotty dress for her Uncle CC And Aunty MelWel when she was 8 months old so we adore the colour scheme! The activity pad and curly wirly straw have been a hit with B Lloyd. So I was happy. I had won a competition.

Then this happened….

Apparently entering does give you a higher chance of winning


Have you counted?

5, yes that is 5 –  F.I.V.E competitions in total I won at BritMumsLive! Unbelievable. Honestly I am one of those people who NEVER wins, yet apparently when you put yourself out there and actually enter  a competition well it looks like it’s true, you might actually win!

The Give as you Live team deserve such a big mention now, they were brilliant over the weekend highlighting how amazing their brand and website is – literally you shop online as usual, but the companies you spend with donate money straight to your chosen charity! Fan-bloody-tastic if you ask me! I signed up straight away – have a look in my sidebar, you can click straight through to their website and register for free and start helping your chosen charity IMMEDIATELY! I have chosen to continue to support the Prostate Cancer Charity who I have been raising money for all year (I did a firewalk on March 3rd – I am trying to convince myself it was in those “free” 3 weeks of pregnancy that you get!).

I also want to thank them for the most amazing prize – you see when you gave them your email address they entered you into a prize draw (which in case you hadn’t gathered…my name got chosen!!!) and I literally had to stop in my tracks. I opened the envelope and saw I won an Amazon Voucher – awesome. Then I saw the amount. Thank you so so much Give as you Live! I love the fact that when I spend my voucher I am even then raising money for the Prostate Cancer Charity! I am putting the whole amount towards something very special that we have as TeamLloyd been discussing we would love for when Mini Lloyd arrives so we are thrilled to be able to do this now 🙂

Massive thank you’s as well to Visit Orlando for my rather gorgeous ET (he is living on my bed now!), Magic Town for the free website subscription – B Lloyd and I are enjoying setting up her profile and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a beautiful dress from MeandI UK also for B Lloyd. Daddy Lloyd was most upset that the Visit Orlando prize was not a family holiday to Orlando and has now put me in charge of winning that! No pressure then.

So I’ll leave you with the immortal words of “If you don’t enter competitions, then you definitely won’t win”

Just some of my fabulous winnings!

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