National Fundraising Managers for Saying Goodbye

Have I just given away the announcement? Well I am just so proud that I just needed to say it!

Some of you may have already have seen me talk about it on Twitter but otherwise I have not really made a big announcement or really explained exactly what my new role is, so I thought what better place to be able to give more details than on our very blog that was started for Mini Lloyd, and has turned into our place to pour out our grief over Harry Lloyd.

Last week I was delighted to accept the role of National Fundraising Manger for the organisation Saying Goodbye. I know! I am still in shock at the title, in awe of the task in hand and overcome with emotion of what this means. I spoke only recently of how Saying Goodbye has given me such love and support over the months we have been without Harry Lloyd. Speaking with Zoe has helped me to understand my grief and to stand up and say it’s ok to hurt, it’s ok not to be having a good day, but to also say I am so proud of Harry Lloyd.

The weeks immediately after we lost Harry I was scared to talk about him, hurt every time people around me told me it was time to move on and get over it which only made the dark hours even darker, feeling guilty over wanting to talk about Harry made it almost difficult to breath sometimes. I know how much I would have benefitted from knowing about Saying Goodbye in the first few weeks and months.

I am also very excited to say that I have a partner in fundraising – a lady who I was introduced to several months ago, Kirsty Evans. So our official title is Joint National Fundraising Managers for Saying Goodbye and we will be overseeing 50 regional coordinators across the UK and working towards raising vital funds for the Mariposa Trust – of which Saying Goodbye is a subdivision.

Kirsty and I have a shared goal for our role, we want to be able to give back just some of the help that we have both received from Saying Goodbye. By helping to raise vital funds for the Mariposa Trust we not only know that our little boys legacies live on but that we are also providing much needed support and guidance for parents that are already on this path of grief, or those that are yet to tred this path.

Behind the scenes we are already well under way to planning several very exciting events which as and when I can I will be able to let you in on but in the mean time start thinking how you can help – if you have any fundraising ideas get in touch! If you would like to become an area coordinator get in touch! We want a large team of fundraisers, I think the important thing to remember about baby loss is you don’t have to have experienced loss yourself, you can just care about someone who has.

So Come Say Hi in our new Twitter Homes



And don’t forget if I haven’t already asked for your help I will be soon!

I have asked Kirsty to guest post on the blog tomorrow because I really want to let her introduce herself, and I would love you all to come and give her a great big welcome X


11 thoughts on “National Fundraising Managers for Saying Goodbye

    • Bryony there is a strength within us all, I have no doubt about that! Am rather over awed by the role but very excited too – hope you will think about helping too X

  1. So happy for you that you have found this new role Louise, congratulations. I’d love to know if S.G plan to produce christmas cards this year. I really wanted to find baby loss cards last year and struggled to find any. Let me know if this is on the cards (no pun intended) and I will purchase! x

  2. Louise congratulations what fantastic news. I loved the idea when I first heard of Saying Goodbye and told a few friends about it. I’ll pass on the info about the future to them too. Well done

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