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When suffering with the terrible sickness and being laid out on my bed all hours of the day (due to needing to avoid feeling dizzy being stood up, and avoiding the smell of the kitchen – both of which made me sick, surprise surprise!) I could have sworn I had felt flutters somewhere inside the pit of my stomach. But as I have felt better – and jetted off to the Sunshine these moments have disappeared.

Of course, they may not have been flutters at all (lets not discuss what it could have been) Anyway last night B Lloyd was reading her books at bedtime and I thought oooh I think that’s Mini Lloyd. After saying good night to B Lloyd I went to crash out on the sofa and BOY! Did Mini Lloyd start moving around!

I laid on the sofa while Daddy Lloyd cooked dinner and couldn’t help but giggle I could feel movements all across my stomach, so I started to listen with my stethoscope and it was just lovely being able to hear the swooshing noises Mini Lloyd was making as he/she was moving around.

I have during today however decided that this has to be a boy, why? Well because as soon as B Lloyd started moving inside me she NEVER STOPPED. She was always awake and always kicking me. Speaking to my MotherShip this afternoon she said straight away ‘oooh thats just like you and your brother” “you kicked me all the time, your brother, never moved”

This pregnancy is definitely so so different to my pregnancy with B Lloyd so could it be that Mini Lloyd’s a boy? Is it a myth two different pregnancies meaning different sex? Daddy Lloyd and I are gearing up for our 20 week scan and I *think* we are going to stay in the neutral camp and go for one of life’s only full surprises. But would love to hear your thoughts on whether different pregnancies mean different sex.

Incidentally I am very pleased to be able to report that at bedtime this evening whilst listening to B Lloyd reading, Mini Lloyd started to move again – I think he/she likes the sound of their Big Sister’s voice!

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6 thoughts on “Movements

  • Joedan_dilemma

    I was adamant I was having a boy in my second pregnancy. I was carrying different,I was more sick, I wanted savoury food whereas with P I wanted sweets,sweets and more sweets. I was disappointed for a split second when we found out it was a girl. I was sure it was a boy. But they are like chalk and cheese,who knows whether this made a difference to how they were in my tummy

  • Rebecca

    Oh dear I remember the sickness and not being able to go in the kitchen so well. Just horrible. At least there are some nice bits though. I wonder if they will be different personalities when they are older.

  • Dad Etc

    Thank you for this post. I love the idea of you listening with your stethoscope and being able to hear the swooshing noises Mini Lloyd was making as he/she was moving around. That is such a cool idea! All the best with the pregnancy I look forward to reading more about Mini Lloyd!

  • Jane

    My husband and I waited longer than most couples to find out the sex of our babies because we want to be surprised. We too, did the “what if game” and noticed that our boy barely did any kicking. He was chilling and sleeping most of the time I guess? Because in real life, he LOVES to sleep. My little girl however was always keeping me up because she wouldn’t stop rumbling. And in real life, she’s always on the go and barely sleeps as she ought to. For me, the womb personalities carry into real life but I’ve had other friends who have opposite stories. You just never know!