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Last week we were finally able to make it public knowledge that I am pregnant! It has been such a relief to be able to start talking about it as I had become a bit of a hermit. Avoiding friends, avoiding social gatherings and avoiding doing anything that meant I was spending too long away from a bathroom.

This pregnancy has seen me become at one with morning sickness (middle of the day sickness and night time sickness) it was discussed by the hospital midwives while I was laying happily watching the IV fluids drip into me and wondering how I could take this stuff home with me so I never had to look at a drink ever again that I might be suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum … but thats for another post!

It was made even harder to keep the secret because poor B Lloyd kept watching me run off for the loo or trying to gag quietly whilst swiftly walking off to the bathroom so as not to raise her suspicions. The two weeks Easter Holidays came at just the wrong time and she was beginning to become very worried about Mummy Lloyd (and to be fair we didn’t exactly do anything fun during that holiday!)

So Daddy Lloyd and I decided it was time to let her in on our little secret.

We had a private scan on Harley Street as our 1st wedding anniversary present to ourselves, well the picture was on paper 😉 we sat down and showed her the picture and asked what she thought it was, she answered “A baby, a baby that is in your tummy Mummy” So bless B Lloyd she already knew!

From that moment on we were able to explain the sickness as when Mini Lloyd was dancing in my tummy it was making me sick, if you are around TeamLloyd you might just hear the question ‘Mummy is that Mini Lloyd dancing AGAIN?’

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