Let Us Tell You A Story – Part 4 9

You may have seen this over the last couple of days, but a group of bloggers thought it might be fun to do a bit of story telling, and to make it a little bit different, each person would be able to write a paragraph any way they wanted to take the story on all sort of twists and turns. It was all started by Tired Mummy of Two earlier this week and I pick up the reigns from PinkOddy yesterday….

In the darkened room Laura stirred. An alarm was breaking through the warm cozy cocoon she had finally come to rest in last night. Reaching out one arm she tapped around until her hand met her phone, and she somehow managed to make it go silent. Letting out a gentle groan, her mind started to race. She pulled the duvet up a little higher as she realised it was that day of the year again. Her birthday. Everyone would expect her to be full of birthday joy, at 37 Laura wasn’t feeling it. She rubbed her head but the pounding that followed made her bury it even deeper. Flashbacks of wine, laughter, feeling like she didn’t have a care in the world, dancing. Oh the dancing, she grimaced to herself in the dark. Yet it had felt so good to be out, to be flirting, to have men buying her drinks. Men. A man. A nice, lovely man. So different to Robert and that had felt so liberating. It wasn’t her fault Robert had chosen to walk that day. Into her subconscious hungover mind she heard her name. She wasn’t alone.

“Laura?” asked Tony.

Ooooh, who’s Tony? What did Laura get up to last night? Who and what happened to Robert? Does any of this have an impact on where Laura is going next? We all just don’t know! Tune in tomorrow over at LifeAtTheZoo.

Tired Mummy of Two

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