Involuntary 2pm Nap 5

I have realised over the last couple of weeks that I am falling into a trap. Now the sickness has eased enough to allow me to walk around and even occasionally eat food I am falling into the “I’m doing OK” pregnancy glow camp and plodding through this trimester. I guess because I am now spending time actually out of the house after the school run and not just laying on my bed praying for the world to stop spinning that I am getting more tired without me realising.

Today I volunteered in B Lloyd’s class, and read with some of the children. Its lots of fun and I like being able to chat with B Lloyd’s friends and get to know the staff a little better. After that I had some bits to sort for the school’s summer fayre on Saturday (I am treasurer so I am sorting out all the floats for all the stalls and making sure we have paid all different people that are helping us out)

By the time I got home and had eaten it was nearing 2pm and I only had an hour before going back to school to collect B Lloyd. Now I have been noticing around 2pm that no matter where I am my eyes just start to close. Literally. Don’t get me wrong, I realise how just very lucky I am not to be working full time at the moment (and I certainly don’t remember this involuntary nappage from last time – I was working full time on paediatric intensive care so definitely not the type of place that would have encouraged such behaviour) and lets face it it is not like I had the most taxing morning AT ALL but its seriously like my body has completely different ideas to my brain, and I think “Nope, not time for a na……..” and that’s it I’m asleep.

I have now taken to keeping a daily alarm on my phone for 2.30pm to safe guard from any not waking up in time to collect B Lloyd from school. I can imagine how the phone call would go …

Constantly set for 2.30pm

“Hello Mrs Lloyd?” {Posh voice}

“Umm Err Yes that’s me” {Me – a little groggy for being woken up}

“Mrs Lloyd we have B Lloyd here, waiting to be collected from school” {Posh voice speaking in an inquisitive manner}

“Umm, err, yes OK, why whats wrong? {Me starting to think I may have been asleep for 10 years}

“The school day ended half an hour ago Mrs Lloyd, who is collecting B Lloyd today? {Posh voice starting to sound a little annoyed at my lack of understanding}

So you see as nice as a little afternoon nap might sound, its worrying me so it cannot be relaxing can it? So if my body could listen to my head and maybe not insist in such an ill timed nappage I would be most grateful.

What about all my Mummy friends out there? Have you suffered like this (I mean it’s not exactly a bad symptom but it sounds so lazy, how on earth could I explain myself “sorry school I fell asleep and forgot my daughter???”) Any helpful tips most gratefully received before someone does call me a Lazy Pregnant Woman!!


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5 thoughts on “Involuntary 2pm Nap

  • Emma

    When I saw the title I was hoping you had an alarm set! Didn’t have the nap issue (maybe due to work) but it was the 6pm slump where I couldn’t physically move from the sofa (and therefore subjected to CBeebies second time round rather than the preferred Great British Menu first time!)

    • louise Post author

      Ha, yes being subjected to constant cbeebies is never great! My hope is IF I am not in the school playground enough people might cotton on to the fact I am asleep somewhere and call me before the school do!!! X

  • Joedan_dilemma

    I think I slept every afternoon for 6 months of my pregnancy lol. Having a toddler I adopted the “sleep when they sleep” thing.(ok it’s meant to be for babies but shhhh) A sleep cycle is 90 mins so don’t sleep longer than that or you will be groggy