Harry’s Christmas Bauble 19

Ok so you might be getting bored of my Christmas Tradition posts (sorry – there are bound to be a few more) but I just couldn’t not write this straight away.

Firstly I must put out a huge and very heartfelt thank you to Kerry from AndThenAllIThoughtOfWasYou because if it was not for her then I would not have just received one of the most beautiful christmas decorations I could ever have wished for.

As we were putting up our tree this year my heart sank. I gave B Lloyd her “special” bauble as we do every year to put on the tree. Its a “My First Christmas” bauble, and it was brought from Mama’s and Papa’s in 2006, it has its own special little box and B Lloyd gets excited every year when she see’s it. She loves going through the whole box of decorations because each bauble or decoration has special memories and stories behind them. The angel on top of the tree, that B Lloyd always (now) gets to put on as the first decoration onto the tree is the angel that was given to me 33 years ago by my Nanna – it will one day sit on the top of B Lloyd’s family christmas tree as it did at my home for many many years. There are smaller decorations that my brother and I had for many years and got excited about every year and there are the newer additions that B Lloyd has made over the last 6 years.

The whole time whilst with a smile on my face, my heart was sobbing, the tree felt very incomplete. There was no recognition of Harry Lloyd. I knew I wanted someway to remember Harry Lloyd every year as we go through the christmas tree tradition. I didn’t want to say anything to Daddy Lloyd, I didn’t want to bring back the dark cloud that hangs over us whilst he and B Lloyd were dancing around to the Christmas Spotify Music we had playing and spoil their laughter and giggling.

Then Kerry posted a picture of her beautiful bauble for her daughter Rhianna Lily, who she very sadly lost in March of this year, Kerry has been one of the many great lines of support to me, she gave me some of the best words of advice in the days following Harry’s birth and I have held onto them through some very very hard days. I know how difficult her family and her are going to find this christmas and to see how they have remembered Rhianna Lily brought me to tears.

Kerry then very kindly didn’t mind me stealing their idea, as it felt she had posted the picture in answer to my sadness. I ordered a bauble for both B Lloyd and Harry Lloyd on Sunday night and they have arrived this morning. They are stunning, and now, now I feel the Team Lloyd Christmas Tree is complete. Our two children have their very special baubles pride of place on the tree, and will do for every christmas to come.

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