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I think I am almost back onto UK time, jet lag is a funny old thing, you think you won’t be affected but it finds you in the oddest of ways. And somehow no matter how much sleep you do get it is never enough, yesterday I thought I had it beaten but by 4pm I could hardly keep my eyes open and then by the time I finally got to bed I literally couldn’t put two words together. Today feels a bit more normal though.

Anyway, there is of course a fabulous reason for my random jet lag this week, last week I got to spend the week in the USA, namely NYC and Chicago. Now NYC has long been a city that I just adore, the skyline to just sit and gaze upon for hours and hours, the hussel and bussel of the city that (apparently) never sleeps and just all the awesome american shops, diners, and sights. Oh and the bagels. I love me a fresh creme cheese bagel.

I honestly don’t think there is not an inch of that city that I did not explore last week, I loved it, I would get up in the morning, plan my day and head out, map in hand and walk. I walked miles and miles! Unusually for me, I was happy in my own company and just wanted to explore places in the city that I hadn’t been to before (I was even so brave as to go into restaurants and eat by myself!!) Everywhere I went I felt a huge sense of achievement, I had not only negotiated the Street V Avenue equation but had also not had to “get in the map” to work out where I was going. (Friends fans will get this terminology I’m sure – Kelly?)

And you know what, being a lone ‘girl around town’ with the English Accent? Totally awesome, every single person I met wanted to talk to me, help me, show me or give me suggestions on where to go next. It was so much fun.

I found myself on the Today show (NBC morning TV) – hilarious when I didn’t know anything about it, I met Cyndi Lauper in the TimeOut New York office, and even got us tickets to a sold out Broadway show! I got totally lost in Macy’s – that shop is HUGE! It was fun to walk around and the store even had free wifi, so for any lone ‘girl about town’ that was the place to go and virtually shop with the wonders of Facebook Chat! The Shoe Floor was incredible and I did fall in love with a pair of Gucci Shoes. The good news…any visitor to NYC can take photo ID to the customer service desk and receive 10% off all purchases in Macy’s Wooooop Wooooooop! Sadly that still didn’t quite cover the cost of the beautiful Gucci Shoes, so I just took a picture of them.

I love so many of the skyscrapers in NYC, I am still very sad that I never got to see the Twin Towers in real life, but was pleased to hear that the One Word Trade Tower is nearing completion. I did however go to the Top of The Rock which I have never done before, the views are incredible, and yes it is fantastic to sit and look straight out at the Empire State Building. I think that building will always be a firm favourite of mine, I have loved it since the very first time I ever watched Sleepless in Seattle. I got a Sun and Stars ticket for the Rockafella Center which was a fantastic idea, I got to be up there during the day, and then Daddy Lloyd and I went back at 9pm and saw the city all lit up. Stunning doesn’t even cover it. Just simply amazing.

Now of course the Canon came along for the trip and being by myself during the day gave me plenty of time to get some incredible photos, I have so many to share, and lots more to say that I think I will write a few blogs about it…I definitely think Chicago deserves it own blog post, so in the meantime here are some some of the photographs that I took in NYC.

So before I bore you all with hundreds of photos, tell me about your most favourite city in the world? Is it London? Edinburgh? New York? or somewhere else?

NYC iPhone



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3 thoughts on “Girl About Town

  • Mother Goutte

    Ooh, I would love to go to New York one day…. Your post makes me dream!

    On the favourite city… Well I was born in Paris so I not only love it because it’s just beautiful but also because there are lots of childhood memories associated with it. We spent a week in Paris last Summer and our children discovered what makes it a magical city for little ones too, the Theatre de Guignol, the camel rides in the Jardin d’Acclimatation, the Moroccan tea and cakes at Paris Mosque! Just talking about it makes me want to go back…!

    So glad you had a fantastic time in NYC and Chicago. xx