So if you happened upon the Team Lloyd household exactly one year ago you would have heard the festive cheer of GammonGate going on between Mummy and Daddy Lloyd. Mummy Lloyd insisted that the gammon should NOT have orange, Daddy Lloyd insisted he knew exactly what he was doing taking the string off the gammon before it was cooked.

GammonGate has lasted all year. To be point that Mummy Lloyd was told yesterday she could do it by herself this year. So Mummy Lloyd entered into the yearly tradition of Gammon Cook Off between Uncle CC, Nanna and Grandad Gibbs rather nervously. The pictures started to roll through during the day and it was looking like stiff competition.

Daddy Lloyd relented slightly and did help out when Mummy Lloyd couldn’t lift the big pot of hot water. (And to be fair did make some mean roasties!)

Anyway back to GammonGate.

Here are the entries, and Uncle CC is being a biased judge and putting himself in the Gold Medal position, with Nanna and Grandad Gibbs in Silver leaving Mummy Lloyd behind in Bronze position for the second year running.

This is not fair, so out to the public vote we go! Please please vote by picture number below …. I think Team Lloyd deserve a higher position this year, after all it wasn’t Mummy Lloyd’s fault that we were last last year!

Gammon 1

Gammon 1

Gammon 2

Gammon 2

Gammon 3

Gammon 3



7 thoughts on “GammonGate

  1. I could eat every single one of those if I’m being honest. If I had to vote, I’d pick the second.

    I will admit though, I am no expert. I have never cooked a Christmas dinner in my life. Such a novice.

    Hope you win! They all look delicious x

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