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The blog posts have been a little few and far between from me over the last week or so, I have been busily writing a post but it is taking a while for me to get all my thoughts and feelings down so in the meantime I really wanted to take part in this week’s Gallery by Tara Cain.

Old. Yup, I am definitely considered “old’ now, I feel old, I act old, and I am no longer in my 20’s. See officially old. I literally like nothing better than to get home in an evening, put my jammies on as B Lloyd is getting ready for bed and then after bedtime stories climb onto the sofa with my blankie until a time that is not considered too early for me to go to bed. 9pm is considered late right?

The word old means so many things to me, but honestly I would interpret the word old to mean old traditions in our family. I love traditions, I love teaching B Lloyd things that bring up wonderful old memories for me and that I hope when she is older will bring up wonderful childhood memories for her. So every night as B Lloyd gets into bed there is a mirror image of when I was a child. She asks for Jessie, Jessie is her best friend and can literally be found anywhere, sometimes on the kitchen table where she has been eating her dinner or sometimes on our bed, or sometimes in the bathroom where she is taking far too long to get ready for bed. When I was a child and every night (at 9pm) when I finally climb into my own bed, poor Daddy Lloyd has to put up with another member of the bed. Friend Bear.

Friend Bear is definitely a good definition of old, old but very very well loved. Jessie is as old as B Lloyd but I know in many years to come a similar photo will be taken with Jessie and B Lloyd’s son/daughters loved one.

I have linked this up with this weeks Gallery, and as ever I would love to hear about your family traditions!

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