First Day of Christmas 8

Usually this sentence has the whole of Team Lloyd dancing in the halls with our Christmas Jumpers on and loudly singing along to The Buble. But this year I have to sayIMG_7898 all it’s done is made me madly homesick. We are still waiting for the container to catch up with us, last seen in Fleet, Hampshire, UK on October 9th 2015 driving away in the sunshine. Last known whereabouts: Customs, somewhere in the US.

The container should be released in time for Christmas so we are told, and back in October whilst our world was being packed up I didn’t think through the implications of that. Team Lloyd Christmas Traditions start today. At least they should. Tonight there will be no putting of the angel on top of the tree, no lights being put around the bannister, no little Santa sat under the Christmas Tree keeping a watchful eye on us all, and no Christmas Stockings being found.

Although I know these things will happen, and I feel terrible at being so sad as there are so many good things that we are doing here it doesn’t make the homesick feeling any easier. If we hadn’t made this massive life changing move we would be at home right now putting up the tree, wearing our jumpers and feeling all christmassy Ok, actually asleep, but with all of these traditions happily completed!

I haven’t been able to shake this sadness for a couple of days, so I thought I would pay tribute to our usual traditions and have them here on record and maybe have a little weep about all that I am missing from England and then remember that we are all here together, safe and well, and the traditions will just have to be put on hold this year.

Team Lloyd’s First Day Of Christmas Traditions

  1. Wear Christmas Jumpers
  2. Listen to The Buble
  3. Open the Lego Advent Calendars
  4. Put Up Pretty Lights everywhere
  5. Put Up the Christmas Tree
  6. B Lloyd place the angel on top of the tree
  7. Decorate the tree with all our precious collected ornaments
  8. Write and leave a letter to Father Christmas under the Christmas Tree
  9. B Lloyd start playing christmas songs on the violin
  10. Start the Christmas Movie List
  11. Eat Sausages wrapped in bacon with bread sauce whist doing number 7
  12. Go to bed exhausted and excited for the second day of Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like last Christmas.

*heads off to a corner to weep*

*wipes eye* I know, we don’t need “stuff” to be together and have fun, and to be honest when I get over myself there are traditions that of course we can still do, just modified this year, and to be honest just being together is the most important thing. But Mr Customs if you just happen to be reading….if anything happens to my Christmas Boxes I will be having serious words. Certain baubles can be replaced but are priceless and mean the absolute world to us.


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One member of Team Lloyd, Sharing our expat tales and adventures, loves photography and capturing "that moment" Currently can be found in the sunshine, Southern California.

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8 thoughts on “First Day of Christmas

  • Emma

    I read this yesterday Louise and wanted to comment then but Baby wouldn’t let me! I think the first Christmas away is perhaps the hardest because us expats always either move just before the holidays or seem to be determined to spend Christmas in our “new home”… I promise you it gets easier. Of course it’s easy for me to say as I am so much closer to home, but it really does x

  • Sarah MumofThree World

    I’m sorry to read that you feel like this, but it’s perfectly understandable. I know I would never be brave enough to move to another country – I don’t think I’d even be brave enough to move to a different town! Christmas is a special time and family traditions are important. In 2012 my husband and both sons had flu (proper flu, not man flu or bad colds) from 22nd December right until the new year. Before then, if you’d have asked me if we had any Christmas traditions I would have said we didn’t, but that year I realised just how many we had and how many we were missing out on.
    Really hope you get your decorations in time for the big day.

    • louise Post author

      I remember your husband and children being ill that Christmas Sarah, it was horrible for you all. It is so strange isn’t it, when you take simple things for granted, you don’t realise just how much you all love the memories that you are making! We all said this morning we would try and make some new traditions just for here this year. Thank you for your lovely comment, and yes I have all my fingers crossed that Customs allow out stuff through before the big day!

  • jbmumofone

    Oh sweetheart I so feel for you right now. You have made such a huge move and it is always an emotional time. I am sure you will make many many new fab traditions though, you just need to start to them. And listen to Emma, she knows her ex-pat stuff better than most. Thinking of you xxx

    • louise Post author

      Thank you lovely, I feel so silly for being so sad about it all, when there are way bigger and much more horrible things going on in the world. Writing it down has helped and I am not bursting into tears every few minutes now! XX


    Oh bless you. I know it is hard and is normal to feel sad. But…soon enough it will be better. Saying that it took me two years to adapt to England and two years to adapt back to romania but I do hope that will take you less than me. Big hugs lovely and looking forward to read more about your life in California xx

  • Emma

    Oh Louise, I have no experience to comfort you with, but I really hope your container arrives soon and you start to feel better. I am sure there are many, many wonderful experiences just around the corner. xx