Farewell Team Lloyd Towers 3

*Waves* Gosh it has been a while hasn’t it?

I don’t really have any excuses why I haven’t blogged, I guess sometimes you can lose your mojo. And I just haven’t had the time to go searching for it. However like many many bloggers this weekend I was at BritmumsLive and if anything can motivate you to write again it is listening to the Blogger Keynotes.

So things have been achanging here at Team Lloyd Towers. Back in the dark, cold, wet winter, Daddy Lloyd and I had a romantic idea that for Christmas 2014 we would love to be somewhere different, we wanted to wake up on Christmas Morning in the next phase of our family adventure. We decided to sell Team Lloyd Towers and embark on owning a grown up house.

Little did we realise at the time that finding a home that compared to Team Lloyd Towers was no easy task, there were many, many many viewings with us always saying “….but Team Lloyd Towers has this, has a bigger this, is better because of this…”

Then one day in Mid February we found her. We found our next home. The one problem being, she only had one row of bricks literally marking out the foundations. Could we do it? Could we wait till she was built? It was scary but we thought we could just maybe. It would mean renting after our sale completed until she was ready. Could we have no fixed abode for a few months? It was scary, and a big gigantic decision. We decided to leap and trust our instincts an offer was put in and accepted.

Fast forward to June and Moving Day Part 1 has happened, we said such a sad goodbye to Team Lloyd Towers, I have to say the happiest place we have ever lived. We were so proud of our home, when visitors came in they always gasped and we always grinned. Most of our friends would compare Team Lloyd Towers to Rachel and Monica’s flat in Friends, and in the end we felt the same. Team Lloyd Towers saw everything. Laughter, Happiness, Tears, Sadness and Memories. Oh so many memories. Through everything we felt safe inside the Tower, it was part of us. But just like Monica and Chandler it is time to move on. It was our first home, and it was a happy home.

Farewell Team Lloyd Towers

Now, just to wait until our new home is ready. A summer of camping? Bring It On!


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