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I was sent a press release last week that made for interesting reading. It said that the average family that are “device enabled” will have downloaded apps to share with the whole family. It stuck a cord with me because that does sound like our house indeed. B Lloyd is fully aware of all the games that are readily available on either Daddy Lloyd’s iPhone or Mummy Lloyd’s iPad.

The press release was sent to me by Disney who have surveyed over 2000 parents and found that parents who own a app enabled device that despite the wealth of free apps, 49% of parents are happy to spend money on apps each month. Even in this tough economic climate their research showed that 2 out of 5 parents would spend up to £10 a month on apps.

I have to say as a family we certainly don’t do that, and look for the free trials or free apps. B Lloyd doesn’t get to browse the app store, usually Daddy Lloyd says “Oooh B will like this one” but as the research also showed that more than half of the families had a child aged 5 or below that had access to at least one app enabled device I had to hang my head in shame.

Our house is a bit like a shrine to the Apple store, with 3 MacBooks, 2 iPhone’s and umm 3 iPads (in our defence 1 iPad is a first generation!?) so yes B Lloyd definitely knows her way around such devices and is definitely part of the 62% of children in the Disney research that can teach an adult how to use them!

The very nice people at Disney asked whether B Lloyd would like to choose a couple of apps to try out, and she was only to happy to help out. She chose Minnie’s Bow Maker & ToyStory Showtime. Both have been a hit with her, she was especially delighted to discover in the restaurant this lunch time that my iPhone had also automagically downloaded the two apps like my iPad so she was well occupied whilst waiting for her food.

Minnie’s Bow Maker
Out of the two I think B prefers this one, even though she is a huge ToyStory fan this game she gets to make pretty bows and try them on

Taking us through the stages of making a bow!

different characters (and herself!) What more could a princess, pink mad, little girl want for? She loves Minnie Mouse and she likes being in control and choosing the shape, colour and pattern of the bows. She honestly does believe she is making the bow with the three turns of the wheel! And it is very sweet watching her negotiate her way around the app. As a parent it is not the most educational app she has played but she has had fun with it and enjoyed it. It did take a while for all three of us to work out how to move the bow from Minnie Mouses’s hand in the “Story” section and for the makers, perhaps an arrow to show to drag it would be useful! This app costs £2.49 so for us would not usually be an option and to be honest I would have expected there to be a little bit more for her to do.

Toy Story Showtime

Playing and enjoying ToyStory Showtime

B Lloyd has enjoyed this and there is lots to this app that she is still to explore, so it is well worth its money as it is similar to Minnie’s Bow Maker in cost. B Lloyd has loved listening to the story and with each page there is lots to do with each of the characters, it is very interactive and she has loved getting to make each of the well loved characters to do different things. It is based on the story of Buzz Lightyear wanting to impress Jessie the Cowgirl with his dance moves – B Lloyd thinks this is ace and has giggled her way though each page. There are some lovely little games off each section her favourite being the Talent Show and getting to help Buzz in his dance. This is great for listening and concentrating skills as B has to listen to the narrator and repeat what he says by hitting the correct buttons. I think this is also great for her reading as we spelt out each of the words so she could work out what they said. As the parent I definitely preferred this app for education (and also maybe being a true Toy Story fan!!) but also because there is more value for money.

As a little side note, we have for a few months now been playing “Where’s my Water” which is also a Disney App and it is brilliant! It is great physics and understanding of the world of science (and I struggle with it!) B and Daddy Lloyd have little competitions with each other on who can get the water to Perry the fastest. So when I was asked by the lovely people at Disney whether B Lloyd would be happy to review two apps I had to choose two new ones otherwise it would have been a bit of a biased review!

Disclaimer: We were provided with two iTunes gift cards for the Disney Apps I had chosen for B Lloyd to review namely Minnie’s Bow Maker and ToyStory Showtime, we would have chosen Where’s My Water but already play this regularly so wanted to be able to review the apps in an honest unbiased manner.

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4 thoughts on “Disney Apps make us Appy

  • Tracy Godfrey

    My youngest is 3 and can easily and quite scarily work her way around my iPad aswell as my iPhone. She knows how to turn them on, lock them and unlock them. All their games are in certain folders, again she can navigate we way around them to find what she wants to play. I am the same and generally go for the free apps and on tr odd occasion I do buy them. Usually browse through the apps to see what I think they’d enjoy. I am definitely going to go and have a look at the Disney apps as she LOVES Toy Story and Mickey Mouse! X

    • louise Post author

      It is amazing how fast they learn, and can do way more than us! There are lots of great free apps put there, so that’s why when a good paid for one comes up I don’t mind so much spending a little bit! Hope you enjoy either of these apps!

  • Lady Briggs

    The ipad in our house is the cause of many disagreements between my 4 and 1 1/2 year olds, mainly because we only have one! But it’s fair to say they both know their way around it! I am a fan of free apps generally too, or those that you can get a free trial version of before you commit to buying the full one. This Toy Story App looks great though, might have to give that one a look. 🙂

    • louise Post author

      Have to say I have been found continuning to play the Toystory app after B Lloyd has gone to bed…..for review purposes only of course! I think the reason we have so many is because Daddy Lloyd would hate to have to wait to play his own games!!