Cravendale Epic Straws 12

For the blog this is rather a poignant moment and one I wasn’t sure how or when it would come, in some ways I really don’t feel ready but our little family life is having to continue since the loss of Harry. Daddy Lloyd and I are determined for B Lloyd to still get to do all the things that she loves doing. So while I take a deep breath and publish this I hope the fun we had does come across.

We were very lucky to be part of the Britmums selected bloggers to be sent two packets of the Cravendale Epic Straws – and if, like me, you weren’t really too sure what this meant you can take a sneaky peak at the Cravendale website where lots of lovely information can be found.

However it soon became apparent that Team Lloyd were going to tackle this like any normal Sunday afternoon game challenge – well between Daddy Lloyd and B Lloyd anyway and the building began. We were given a brief to throw away the instructions and become as creative as we could, again a challenge that Daddy Lloyd and B Lloyd could not resist.

I decided the best way to become creative was to get out my beautiful new camera and take some awesome photos, but then as the noise level between the competing duo continued to rise it became clear that full on battle lines had been drawn. The only way to settle this was to treat it like a baseball game with teams, player stats and everything.

We laughed, we giggled, we spilt milk, we cheered, we Daddy Lloyd cheated, we built, we won, WE HAD FUN!

Before you press “Play” I feel I should give out a few NB’s

  1. Yes B Lloyd and I are wearing the same T-Shirt in little person and big person sizes. It’s a Harry Potter T-shirt. It’s awesome.
  2. Yes this is honestly what happened, no editing. We honestly could not have scripted it better.
  3. Yes “Vanilla” milk is just Milk.
  4. Yes I did know that Daddy Lloyd had taken part in some cheating (at the last second) Please don’t judge me.
  5. Yes I do believe that B Lloyd still wasn’t 100% sure she “got it” at the end.

Disclaimer: We were provided with two sets of Cravendale Epic Straws packs for the purpose of this review. We were also sent a voucher for a free 2 litre bottle of Cravendale Milk to use for the duration of the challenge. We opted to become more creative and make our milk different flavours, we therefore provided our own Nesquik products.  

On Your Marks…

Let Battle Commence

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