When we found out we were pregnant, we knew we wanted to do things with this pregnancy that we hadn’t had the opportunity to do with B Lloyd (she was preFacebook!) One of those was a blog and the other was to finally buy that DSLR that we both had wanted for years.

Having started to love Silent Sunday I was researching which SLR would fit the Team Lloyd family so I had a vague idea of how much I needed to start saving for. With losing Harry during the Olympics we spent more time watching every single second of the games as a welcomed distraction from the physical pain I was experiencing post birth. I had that moment of “yes that’s it, I’ll become an olympic champion at……” I chose many different sports, my favourite being the track cycling, of course I could be the next Victoria Pendleton. Inspire a Generation – too right.

Realistically I’m not going to be an olympic champion in Rio 2016 so I set my sights back on the DSLR. I took the plunge and ordered my beautiful Cannon EOS 600D I am all booked on to a photography course (it has got a hell of a lot of buttons on it!) and well I am finding it a way to keep me busy.

I would like to share my photos as its a part of my journey.