In the Kitchen

A very wise person said to me the day Daddy Lloyd had to return to work to download Jamie Oliver’s iPhone App, choose something to cook, go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients and then cook it – that will waste hours. And you know what, it did.

This may seem like such a simple idea, I mean who doesn’t cook every day anyway? Well Me actually. Since I was very young I have had a love hate relationship with food, never that interested in it, and if ever I was in turmoil well I just wouldn’t eat. No need. In the days following Harry’s birth, believe me when I say I didn’t eat. At all.

It is a known fact that I do not cook. Jokes are frequent on twitter that I don’t even know where our kitchen is. So when I try to convey that this idea was really to literally get me out of the house and give me a project, a focus, a distraction for the hours that Daddy Lloyd would be at work, I never thought for one second it would work.

I’ll never be a baker, I’ll never give cooking tips, but I might share the odd amusing story of how Lord Jamie is helping me through each day.