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The Team Lloyd household was very excited to receive an email from Britmums this week to let us know that we had been picked as one of the bloggers to take part in the Colour Me In competition being run by Kellogg’s Rice Krispies. Awesome. Having B Lloyd with several food allergies we are a bit limited to the types of cereals we can eat, however Rice Krispies happens to be one of the good guys. Due to the food allergies we are also unable to do much baking as most cakes and biscuits will require the use of egg which is a big no no. (I’m loving I am making this sound like I would otherwise do a lot of baking. I don’t bake, I don’t even really cook!) Anyway again Rice Krispies is our saviour and we have many a day spent making White Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes and other fab delights.

B Lloyd therefore was very up for winning “A Year’s Supply of Rice Krispies” – Daddy Lloyd was much more interested in the winning of a potential £500, I was just happy to have some fun crafty project to do with B Lloyd on a Wet, Farnborough Airshow, Saturday at home 🙂

The lovelies over at Britmums have sent us a very nice large box of Colour Me In Rice Krispies as well as a (In B Lloyd’s words) “super super great big massive wow” amount of felt tip pens, gitter (My Favourite Mummy), crayons and markers to get arty with. Now B Lloyd is just reaching the end of year R at school and to say that she has learnt great crafty skills is an understatement, she adores her stock of crafty items that abode in her room and she felt that this project just needed some extra sparkle and jingle. Luckily the Tooth Fairy had scheduled in a stop with us this week so she had some golden coins that just needed to help restock the said sparkle box.

B Lloyds additional crafty bits

Armed with the added extras including some awesome bells which B Lloyd felt the “elves” – otherwise known as Snap Crackle and Pop  – needed jingling bells at the end of their hats she set about creating her artwork.

Colour Me In!

There was complete silence whilst the crafting was taking place. Even the noise of the Farnborough Airshow was not deterring B Lloyd from her work. Did you know that you have to concentrate really hard when you have work to do? No, well Miss Park says you have too that way you will always be proud of your work. Arh, I see Thank you Miss Park!

As you can see, B Lloyd was concentrating hard and getting crafty!

So – Drum Roll Please……our entry into the #ColourMeInRK competition being sponsored by Kellogg’s by B Lloyd aged 5 is…

By B Lloyd Aged 5

B Lloyd (Aged 5) very proud of her #ColourMeInRK Entry

We have everything crossed to win one of the fab prizes on offer (I personally think this totally needs to be turned into a T-shirt because B Lloyd will look brilliant wearing her own creation!)


Disclaimer : Team Lloyd have been provided with one box of Rice Krispies and one box of WH Smith Bumper Pen Set for this competition being sponsored by Kellogg’s. We have provided our own jewels, bells, sequins, pritt stick (pink, of course), and beads to finish off this creation.



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