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Last Friday saw me have my first big day out by myself since before Harry was born. It was a big deal because I a) got to wear a dress and new boots b) go to London and stay out late, c) go to the theatre d) get to catch up with my very good friend Kelly who I hadn’t seen since Britmums in June.  FYI Kelly – this is in no particular order I’ll have you understand, new boots do not come above you. Honest.

And it was all down to Butlins. You may have noticed our rather pretty Butlins Ambassador Logo. No? Ok well I’ll just pop it along side this post so you can see it. It’s so pretty see.

On August 3rd 2012 we had the heartbreaking job of announcing the stillbirth of Harry Lloyd, we were in a bubble of emotion, of pure hell to be honest. Yet at the same time the world somewhere was continuing as normal and there was another announcement being made at the same time. Butlins were releasing the blogs that they had chosen as been worthy of Butlins Ambassadors status. We were chosen – and I remember Daddy Lloyd and I saying “Oh that’s nice” and then it literally leaving our thought processes.

As the days have morphed into weeks and now even a couple of months I have been reading and getting to understand the Butlins Ambassador role. Last Friday they asked us to attend a away day meet up. Well it’s about time I got to tell you all about it because I am in awe. Butlins, in particular Katie and Jae who are in charge of the Butlins Ambassadors role (among other very important stuff) not only happen to be just lovely, are caring, passionate about their role, want to do their upmost for their brand and have I mentioned they care? As a blogger I am learning that it is so important to know the brands that you are working with and be happy with their products before reviewing and putting your name to them. Even though for me working with Butlins was never in doubt I was sat listening to Katie speak on Friday and I wrote down a few words that she said that just shows not only how much of a caring brand Butlins are but also how they care what we, the bloggers, feel about their brand. You can’t help but to feel proud of it too.

Katie can be quoted as saying “Butlins is a family friendly holiday destination. It is a place for mums, dads, children, and families who care about spending quality time together as a family, who enjoy family time, who want to all be on holiday together, to connect with each other and to take away memories that will last forever

Ok Katie, you had me at Family Friendly Holiday.

So Team Lloyd are very proud to be apart of this ambassadors programme, we are going to take our role very seriously and will report on how we find spending family quality time at Butlins. To give you a little insight – B Lloyd is already counting down the sleeps till she gets to go swimming every day and play with Grandad Gibbs. (Watch out Grandad and Nanna Gibbs).

Friday was a fabulous opportunity to meet the team behind the Butlins Brand, and they are all lovely! It was also a chance for us to ask Katie questions and for us bloggers to meet each other so we can ensure we all help each other out as well as other families. It’s a really exciting role and one I cannot wait to be a part of. Katie and the rest of the team had thought of everything on Friday. Sweets, cake, wine, dinosaurs and even a trip to the theatre in the evening!

I said to Katie before I left but wanted to reiterate it here on the blog. I am sorry that I haven’t had chance to write this blog post already, but we want her to know how much it means to us to have been chosen as ambassadors. At the bleakest of times something lovely has been given to us, the chance of time away as a family is most definitely what we need now more than ever. At the moment we should be preparing for the very imminent arrival of Mini Lloyd we are now going to be away spending time reconnecting as Team Lloyd. There could be no greater gift. Thank you Katie.

Here seems like a good place to let you know who the other 39 ambassadors are so please show some love by visiting these other awesome bloggers sites they are …..

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Phew – that was a mouthful! Just one last thing before I go – want a Butlins Holiday yourself? Well I happen to know they are running an awesome competition over on Twitter at the moment, so go give Butlins a follow and Retweet this tweet

“You could win a Wave Hotel break! Follow @Butlins & RT this. When we reach 20k followers someone wins a break for 4 http://ow.ly/bUOBK

What could be easier?



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