Busy Weekend

I seriously cannot believe it is Monday already. Infact it’s Monday LUNCH TIME?!?? How has this happened, I honestly don’t feel like my feet have touched the ground since Friday morning – we have been so busy I didn’t even get to post a Silent Sunday yesterday – or have a look at anyone else’s so am feeling a little guilty. You can always tell if it is a busy day in Team Lloyd’s house when I don’t even tweet – such a big give away ūüôā

So where to start?

Friday¬†I went to the hospital to see the consultant I am under for this pregnancy. I was a little nervous, because of the third degree tear I had following the birth of B Lloyd that there is a chance I won’t be able to have Mini Lloyd naturally. The consultant was lovely and really helped calm the nerves and explained so much. I learnt more about the birth of B Lloyd, I had what they graded as a 3B tear, which was bad, but not the most severe it could have been (phew). I got to hear Mini Lloyd’s heartbeat again – it is amazing how reassuring that is! I have to go back for a specialist scan sometime this month so the consultant can see if all the muscles and scar tissue have repaired correctly, if it all has then we will have a green light for a natural birth – so please everyone have your fingers crossed!

Saturday¬†was B Lloyd’s first ever School Summer Fair and it was a fabulous day. We had so much fun, well I am not sure Daddy Lloyd will totally agree with that, it was very hard work. I am the committee’s treasurer so for two days before the fair I was at home sorting out floats and stalls and costings and raffle ticket sales and goodness knows what else, and then on the day I had to employ Daddy Lloyd as my helper as we had to keep the 23 stalls running smoothly with¬†replenishing¬†floats. A bag full of change is surprisingly heavy! Through the work though we managed to have a lovely family day with the extended Team Lloyd family and B Lloyd loved showing off her school – we bounced on the bouncy castle (well I didn’t!), had our faces painted, Hooked a duck, played on the Children’s Tombola (maybe had a couple of go’s on the chocolate tombola) rode the¬†toboggan and ate yummy BBQ food! Needless to say I may have had to disappear for a nap as soon as we got home ūüėČ

Sunday our living room looked a little bit like a bomb had gone off with many many many boxes of money to be counted. Daddy Lloyd got all excited about creating a fabulous spreadsheet so we could compare last years profits with this years so he sat and did that and B Lloyd and I started the marathon that was counting every single penny raised! And it was a lot Рand it was a massive £500 increase on the amount raised last year which is fabulous news.

Monday (Today!)¬†having spent all yesterday counting and double checking our sums and counting, I pretty much panicked about having so much money in the house so hot footed it to the bank as soon as it opened this morning! I had to get a trolley from the supermarket to put two rather¬†laden¬†down bags into because I physically could not lift them….I was the first person into the bank and the people who arrived a few minutes after me where not impressed with the size of the queue as it took the poor lady a good 15 minutes to check through everything. I flashed a few apologetic smiles at the people in the queue, but they all must have had that Monday morning rainy feeling because they all just moaned about the pregnant woman that was holding up the queue! Nice. If I wasn’t so tired then I may have let the pregnancy rage take hold….

What would have been our Silent Sunday….

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