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It definitely cannot be said that I don’t like to embrace a challenge. One of the ways I am finding to cope with the loss of Harry Lloyd and all the hopes and dreams we had in connection with having a little baby again is having new projects to take up my time and give me somewhere to focus and concentrate on.

I know there are still some very big areas that Daddy Lloyd and I have not even started to work through with everything that happened last year, we are concentrating on the loss of Harry Lloyd and not even thinking about the possibility of never finding ourselves pregnant again. The words are hardly ever spoken because the pain rips too deep to even be able to comprehend.

Anyway, I digress, so projects to keep me busy! I have many, it is not unheard of to hear me say “oooh I’ll try that” *coughs* photography, cooking, writing *coughs* and well, I have kinda stumbled across one in the last couple of days and I’m pretty excited about it. B Lloyd has beautiful long hair, which I must admit I get a little obsessed over during term time. I insist that B Lloyd goes to school with her hair up everyday, either in a french plait or occasionally french plait pigtails, and yes I insist upon this to minimise any little visitors that might want to come home from school. (Also, a huge tip from my lovely hairdresser, spray on some cheap hairspray every day before school and the little buggers can’t get through it 😉 )

But during the school holidays B Lloyd likes to have something more pretty done, and I have been seeing some beautiful photos and kept wondering how to even start…So a quick chat and being shown how to start with the lovely SallyAnn and a quick couple of YouTube Tutorials and I am away! B’s Braids is going to have a home here on the blog and as I get better I might even try some video tutorials of our own. I am not the most creative person so I have been searching through magazines and pinterest for some ideas – so please share any really interesting hair styles and I’ll see if I can challenge myself to do them. I have set up a board on pinterest to record all the different braids I manage to do and B and I have even taken a little trip to Claire’s Accessories today to get lots of little pieces of equipment.

Maybe I will try and showcase a hairstyle a week – what do you think?

B's Braids

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