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I don’t think it is any secret that Team Lloyd flew off to the World Of Dreams earlier this summer, and it’s about time our amazing time was featured on the blog. We did and saw so much when we were in Florida that I think they only way I can do it justice is to split it all down into various blog posts. I might even make a fancy heading so all our adventures are easy to find!

You know, because we do consider ourselves to be Disney Experts now after all <insert winky face>

I’m going to start what we at Team Lloyd Towers nicknamed Princess Day. Honestly magical Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutiquealmost does not cover it! Think Princesses, Dressing Up, Sun, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Make-Over, Castle, Dinner, Fireworks and you might get close!

Lets start at the beginning…Way back last Christmas when the holiday was being planned Nanna and Grandad Gibbs said they would send B Lloyd to the rather famous Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique those of you not in the know – it’s in Cinderella’s castle and the fairy god mothers in training (Yes it’s true….Fairy God Mother’s in training!) help to make your little one into either a princess or prince for the day!

B Lloyd then spent from December through to May (and even on the walk through the Magic Kingdom and right through the boutique doors) wrestling with her inner most self over whether she wanted to be Snow White or Tinkerbell. The deciding factor always being down to whether or not Snow White’s outfit came with a red cape…

It came with a cape.

Inside the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique – and here is some Disney trivia, just incase you don’t know, or don’t have a 6 year old daughter who watches Cinderella on repeat on their iPad, is called Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique after the song that features in Cinderella when her Fairy Godmother (the real one, not the one in training!) transforms her into a princess wearing a beautiful ball gown for the large grand ball for the prince to meet his future wife…. Anyway I digress. Inside the Boutique it is beautifully decorated, and all the Fairy God Mothers who are in training, are stood waiting to greet you as you enter.

B Lloyd loved every single second of being in there, Jackie her fairy godmother (in training) chatted with her through out, getting B to chose a hair style, her dress, her shoes, Fairy Godmother'schecking her nose was put on straight that morning, helping her sprinkle the pixie dust, explaining that the gel is brought in every morning by Ariel, (its brought up by Sebastian from the bottom of the sea), that it takes all the Fairy Godmother’s in training 3 and half hours to get Rapunzel’s hair done before she goes out for the day. The attention to detail was just exquisite.

B Lloyd was very lucky as Nanna and Grandad Gibbs had paid for the Castle Package, so once her princess transformation was complete we got to go a photo shoot inside the castle (oh my this was truly amazing!) and the photos all came included in the price – even better! So with a flick on my wand and a sprinkle of Pixie Dust, and muttering the magic words…. Bibbidi…..Bobbidi…….Boo

Princess B

Our Princess B was born!

Now Princess Day didn’t end there….there is so much more to say, that I think I will have to put Princess Day into a Part Two.

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