Bedroom Makeover 14

There was a reason for yesterday’s post – I wanted to be able to blog about B Lloyd’s lovely new bedroom but Daddy Lloyd and I were so sad when we were doing it that I really wanted to be able to explain why we felt so sad. It felt good to get it off my chest.

Daddy Lloyd has done an amazing job on B Lloyd’s bedroom (I did help, inbetween my hissy fits and emotional outbursts. Infact most of the doors – I fixed those, with a screwdriver and everything!) But all of the design and building and fitting and making look gorgeous is all down to Daddy Lloyd. And on top of that, he had to put up with me, so the man really did deserve his little Legoland present yesterday.

I think now would be a good place for some before and after shots. But firstly before we are judged as terrible parents can I just clarify that we did know we were going to be re doing B Lloyd’s bedroom, we therefore weren’t so hot on her tidying up. Much. Ok, At All. This will of course be different now. We promise.

Before (eeeeeeeeeeeek)

After (and breath……)

Behind all those lovely cupboard doors is plenty of storage and it is so so lovely to have places to put all her beautiful toys…of which B Lloyd has a lot. My favourite place is the second wardrobe. Which holds all of B Lloyd’s fancy dress outfits, with a shelf for accessories and a foot basket for all her pretty little princess shoes. Perfect for any little girl – or big girl I think.

B Lloyd just adores her new bed, it has a tent underneath it. Did you see that? It has a tent underneath it. As it was a total surprise for her I did film her walking in, and it makes for a beautiful moment for us to treasure.

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