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Daddy Lloyd and I have started to turn some of our attention to the items that we will need once Mini Lloyd arrives. Now when I say we have started to turn our attention to this I don’t want to give the wrong idea, we are not that organised to have an already established list of what we need or what indeed we would like. Turning our attention quite simply means that we discuss some items and say things like “ooh yes we should look for that” and that’s as far as it goes.

But then this morning while trying to keep my mind off of B Lloyd’s first ever school trip I thought where better to have a growing list….on the blog! This way you lovely people could advise us on what is good or what is not worth it’s money. It’s been 6 years since B Lloyd first came along and we sold most of her bits and bobs (ie pram, bumbo, highchair, changing station, steriliser, bottles) when we moved back in 2009 so you can see our dilema!

To be honest we don’t even really know what’s still on the market…or what new things have hit the market!

Seriously how pretty is this? Picture from Moby Designs

I definitely would LOVE to try out the fabric slings that are now available (I have a certain hatred for the babybjorn carrier things, I always feel so sorry for a baby in one they look so damn uncomfortable!) Has anyone tried one or got any good tips for me on what to look out for? (I’m a sucker for pretty material!) I used to know the owner of Petit Poppet – well I still know Laura, she just isn’t the owner anymore!

Daddy Lloyd looked briefly at some prams the other day….Minefield! So we left that!

The bottles and steriliser are not that important as my aim is to breastfed again as I did (and loved) with B Lloyd, but she decided herself at 10 months of age that she had enough of being cuddled during milk time and just wanted to get on with exploring the world so I guess it’s nothing to worry about at the moment.

Are people still using Bumbo’s? What Pram is worth looking into? What else should we be adding to this list? Would love your thoughts and advice please 🙂

Is ebaby ebay the answer to our prayers and should we start watching things now so we can get in on great deals?

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19 thoughts on “Adding to the Wish List

  • Jenni Moore

    Definitely eBay! We have a close sling and it’s good but not sure it’s the best, but as I got it for about £25 instead of £60 on eBay I was very happy with it!

    I think start early and get bargains myself, but I do love eBay a little too much…

  • Claire@Mummy Plum

    Gosh…where to start?

    On the prams front…I remember bursting into hormonal tears in the John Lewis baby department. The choice was overwhelming. I definitely wanted something that had wheels that would not go flat. (My friend had a Quinny and was forever having to try and persuade the man at the bike shop to help her out and pump up her wheels). I wanted a combi pram carry cot /pushchair/ carseat combo. In the end I went with a Bugaboo Chameleon with a Maxicosi car seat. Not the cheapest, but the carrycot was great (and far softer with a mattress than the Bugaboo Bee.) One drawback however, is that you have to separate both bits/ carrycot/ pushchair and frame to put in the car, and it was quite bulky. I did wonder if I should have gone for the Bee instead, but given my husband and I are tall, I was worried that if we had a tall baby it would outgrow it. The Bee is smaller but it does have the advantage though that it collapses as one unit which is very handy for in the car etc, and is smaller too…which would have been an advantage on London buses. Overall, I couldn’t fault my Bugaboo, and as per my wish..I never had a single problem with the wheels. I think you can pick good quality second hand ones up for £2-£250 on ebay and they do hold their resale value well. The swivel wheels / turning circle are ace too, and they never feel ‘heavy’.

    My best buy was a Stokke baby changing table. Again, quite high so good for tall people, and one of the only ones where you put the baby on it front on, as opposed to from the side. Was brilliant and accomodated him for a long time. Unfortunately, not as good a purchase was the Stokke oval cot. Not as spacious as a cot bed and my son just kept waking himself up in it, knocking himself on the curved angles. I wish I’d just bought a big standard cot that converted to a cot bed – I had to put him a junior bed at 18 months as he’d outgrown the Stokke cot.

    I borrowed a bumbo from a friend but we didn’t really use it. I think some babies like them and some don’t. My boy loved the babybjorn rocker chair – the one with the wire frame and material cover. We used this from early on and he was very happy in it.

    A good quality baby monitor I think is a must for peace of mind.
    And I’d also add – electric breast pump. I had a medela and it was brilliant.

    I’ve almost written a post in itself here, so I think I’ll sign off now! x

    • louise Post author

      Ooooh Claire…thank you what awesome tips! I will be picking your brains further I think!! I had forgotten about a breast pump…yes I used one quite a lot with B Lloyd, adding it to the list now 🙂 Thank you xxxx

  • elizabeth

    I loved buying baby equipment and there are some who say I only had a delightful ‘accident’ so I could have a Quinny!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy but luckily second time around you know what you actually do need but hasn’t it all changed? My best buys ever were a travel Grobag (so good on school runs) and tiny, tiny nighties when they were newborns so I didn’t have to struggle with poppers at night

    • louise Post author

      oooh I like the idea of the travel Grobag Elizabeth! Eeek I do need to add to my list a bit 🙂 Yes I think we are a bit relaxed by thinking we know what bits are essential compared to last time 🙂

  • Sarah Gibson

    Obviously we can talk in person seeing as I’m a local bump buddy haha, but thought I’d add some ideas here in case other people are reading to gain some advice. I’d forget the bumbo. Clara got stuck in one when we tried her out and I went for a Summer Infant Super Seat instead which was great and lasted her far longer. Check them out on Amazon. I wouldn’t worry about getting too many bottles if you are planning on breastfeeding. We only used ours a handful of times when I was establishing feeding with Clara and if he/she decides to stop earlier than a year then hey, worry about it then. I’d recommend the Farnham Sling Library to try some slings out. That is what I am going to do. I have thought about trying a sling this time round although I would also recommend the ErgoBaby. We have that with Clara and she loves it (it should take her up to about 4 years old!). Personally we didn’t bother with a changing table. Once they are rolling over you won’t want to change them on there anymore! I opted (and am still going strong!) for a changing mat x 2 (East Coast in my Garden) on top of our wooden bath mat in the bathroom. Easier to just get down on the floor with them and buy two mats in case of a sudden accident and the ease to swap them over quick, tidy baby up and then worry about the mess! One of my best buys was a top and tail bowl. I still use it now. Really handy and they do a really great cheap one in Boots. Oh and Grobags – a godsend!!! There’s a starter for you. Looking forward to helping you with the list!

    • louise Post author

      Hehehe, another great list! I will DEFINITELY be picking your brains over whats hot and whats not! Oooh glad we have a Sling Library near us, I have seen people make reference to such places – we can go along to discover together! We were thinking the changing station was a bit of bind last time, we did always use it but we are thinking mats would be easier this time! Oooh so much to think about!

  • Bod for tea

    Oh wow thank you to the other commenters – I’m making my own list right now! Just to add that we loved the Ergobaby too and only really stopped using it when our daughter was about 2 and a half, Grobags are THE sleeping solution and although it’s big and hefty, our Silver Cross is still going strong ready for number two to arrive. Great idea for a post Louise!

    • louise Post author

      Thanks Bod! I am thrilled with all the tips that have come up this evening, so many things I haven’t thought about yet or would even really know about! The Grobags were literally just on the market as B Lloyd got too big so definitely going to look into those this time round! Thank you everyone for your great tips! X

  • Sha

    You never need as much stuff with number two!

    Our Luna mix pram by Mamas and Papas was fab – very compact, good value for money and suitable from birth. Comes in great colours too! Would also recommend the towel that you wear as an apron – but don’t buy that, we’re getting it for you!

    there are also these fab things (don’t remember what they are called) for when baby is trying different foods – you put the food in the ‘net’, then they hold it and get a taste of the food without having to worry about choking etc. Marvellous!

    Remember if you get a breast pump, you can always use a large sandwich type container to sterilise – and use milton tablets, not liquid. I would have saved a load of tops from bleach spots if we had discovered these first time round!

    I’m with others on the changing table front – just get a mat! And the free changing bag that comes with 2 packs of nappies when you join the baby club in Boots is great. Ours is still going strong! And it’s black and grey, so Daddy Lloyd won’t mind carrying it!

    • louise Post author

      Thank you Sha! We had a very quick look at Mamas and Papas prams this weekend, but we literally looked at each other and the prams and turned back round again! Will look up the Luna now though 🙂 Awesome tip on the steriliser such a great idea and you know I love the towel apron 😉 XXXX

  • Samantha

    Yes the free Boots change bag was great first time round used it for over 2 years with H then got a new one this time round for E 🙂
    I used a sling all the time with H, (from brilliant because you can have baby in different positions.
    We brought a pram/carseat combi, a Mother My3, its been great, used it for H until she was over 2 then brought replacement wheels and using it again for E, the only down side it a small basket, but still love it. We a Maxi Cosi car seat on it short trips.
    Never got into grobags, but LOVE the GoAnywhere blackout blind.
    Haven’t used a bumbo, felt they were too restrictive.
    Brought nursery furntiure from Ikea, changing unit (without the table), I just used a mat on top, like it because its a nice piece once nappies are no more.
    Have fun researching 🙂

    • louise Post author

      Thank you Samantha! Yes I need to go claim the Emma’s Diary free pack and the Bounty packs as I think they come with a changing bag too so I have heard! So much has changed since we had B Lloyd so it’s been great getting all this advice!

  • Claire

    My top items are:
    Grobags – I think I would have endless sleepless nights because of a cold baby wakening up.

    Graco Pack & Play Olympic Playpen – one of the best purchases! Can be used inside or out, can be ‘popped’ up and taken down in seconds! It has a hood type thing so keeps sun off when used outside, I suspect this will make a good ball pit or play tent when D is a bit bigger. A little more expensive than the other playpens but completely worth the money – haven’t seen many for sale second-hand which would suggest it has years of use!

    Safety 1st swivel bath seat – looks uncomfortable but D loves it! It also saves my arms popping out of their sockets trying to lean over the bath.

    Jane Slalom pushchair – can be used as a travel system but I tend to use it as my outdoor buggy. We have nicknamed our Jane ‘the tank’! It will go over any type of terrain (haven’t tried the beach yet) and has been brill. Down points to it is it is big and isn’t the easiest to get in and out the car or round shops but I do see they have a newer version out that may address these issues.

    Baby backpacks – we have 2 – a long story! – a Littlelife and Vaude one. The Littlelife looks fab and addresses the child’s every need but we find it a little uncomfortable around the hips, the Vaude is a bit more basic but we find it more comfortable around the hips. It could be that we haven’t fitted the Littlelife properly, just no too sure.

    Eurohike XL bucket seat – I bf D until he was 9 months and found he was getting so heavy. I found a rocking chair to difficult to feed him in and all I wanted to do was get into a position that was comfortable for us both. I found the Eurohike XL bucket seat perfect for this! It doesn’t look anything special from the pics but I would definately say if you are passing Millets or Blacks go and have a shot of one – it is soooooo comfy! The good thing about it is that it can easily be packed away at anytime plus it can be used years beyond feeding baby! They were only about £30 to buy aswell 🙂

    I had a bumbo and also a changing table – neither of which I ever used. D didn’t want to sit confined in the Bumbo and I found it awkward trying to change a baby side-on with the changing table. If I have another baby I will look at the changing things that fit over the cot so that baby is facing me.

    • louise Post author

      Thank you Claire! Some fabulous tips – my list has grown considerably over the last 12 hours, and so much more exciting research I can start doing!! Daddy Lloyd has been so impressed with all of your suggestions so far everyone!