About Us

On April 23rd 2011 we officially became Team Lloyd.

3 years on and I am finally getting around to make it official with the NMC that I am Mummy Lloyd, Daddy Lloyd has won the battle.

So who are we?

We are Daddy Lloyd, Mummy Lloyd, B Lloyd. Very sadly we lost our beautiful son Harry Lloyd at 24 weeks gestation almost two years ago, the long road of grief has not been easy but we get through each day as a family. As a team.

Our favourite pass time is being altogether and being a family, getting into mischief and going on adventures – we love nothing more than spending the day playing, laughing or singing along with the songs from cbeebies. Frozen.

We are a team. We are Team Lloyd.

Contact me on louise@teamlloyd.com I love to chat and I love to write, review and help!