About Harry

The Team Lloyd blog started because I wanted somewhere to record and document our pregnancy with Mini Lloyd. When we discovered we were pregnant Daddy Lloyd and I were so excited and we just knew our family was complete.

The first few weeks proved this was going to be a tough pregnancy and to lose Harry Lloyd at 25 weeks is the worse outcome we could ever have predicted, suddenly this blog has become a place whereby I can pour out our hearts trying to find some kind of sense to what we are going through. Each day takes us further away from our son and the family life that we thought we had.

I want to be able to dedicate an area to the blog just to Harry, one so his story can be recorded, and maybe help other parents either through grieving or the discovery of an anomaly during pregnancy as the support on offer to parents at this time is almost non existent. Since I posted about our 20 Week Scan I have daily traffic of parents who find our blog by searching for problems with this stage of pregnancy. Secondly I never want to forget anything about Harry Lloyd, he came and taught us so much, he is our son, our second born child.

As time goes on I want to be able to go back and retrospectively post our full story, the good bits and the bad bits; for now it seems fitting for Harry Lloyd to have his own space on the Team Lloyd blog. He is afterall one of us.