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I was reading a blog post by jbmumofone and it made me start to cry. (Gosh I am emotional this week!) anyway it really resonated with me, such a lovely way of recording simple memories that I am likely to forget and that T Lloyd won’t remember either.

Technology has so changed in the 9 years since we had B Lloyd, in a time pre Facebook, Instagram, and the world of blogging, recording the every day little things was restricted to 20 secs of video my digital camera would allow! Because of this and knowing how precious this time is I have been very conscious of making sure I have a better way of recording memories of T Lloyd (and I am in the middle of completing a secret project that I am very excited about). But in the meantime I wanted to write this;


To Our Dearest T

You are 1 now, such a big age, a whole 12 months since you came into our lives and changed us all for the better.

You have given us such joy after such heartache,

Your smile and giggle taught us all to smile and laugh again, you really have been such a happy baby.

From your first smile at 4 weeks you have always had such a twinkle in your eyes. Its so true, you smile from your eyes. Your giggle infectious.

There are so many precious moments from this first year that I don’t ever want to forget;

Your first cry in the delivery room, after silence noone can ever fully understand the utter emotion we went through when we heard that first cry.

The first moment I was allowed to feed you, putting you in your car seat to bring you home after a week in intensive care, the moment your big sister finally got to meet you, being able to announce your arrival to the world, you made Mummy and Daddy so proud.

I have loved every second of this past year;

Watching you learn to look and recognise,

To roll, and roll and roll and roll and roll and roll again!

Giggling with you as you learnt to sit and balance yourself, but you really preferred to roll,

Watching you learn to bang your cups together and then realise you could do that with your hands.

Seeing you fall in love with your big sister, who can do no wrong in your eyes, laughing when you meet Disney characters with your excited face and looking at B Lloyd and screaming, do they know who they just met? B, isn’t she amazing Mickey?

Being with you when you very gingerly and carefully finally balanced on all fours, but you still preferred to dive and roll to get your cups.

Screaming at you from the shower, whilst washing your sister’s hair, that for the very first time you had pulled yourself up onto your feet and managed to slide the shower screen to open. It didn’t phase you though, you just giggled at us and played peek a boo making us giggle along with you.

Through all of your development you have always been so happy and content, as long as milk lady (me) was within arm’s distance you have smiled cutely at anyone and everyone, only ever looking sad when a passer-by hasn’t taken the time to say hi to you.

Just the other day someone said to me no matter what sort of day they have had just one smile from you and their day was so much better. You are going to bring sunshine and joy into so many people’s lives little man. I am so proud of you.

And now you are 1.

I never want to forget the way you snuggle into me for a feed, I am so proud of our breastfeeding journey, we have made a full year and you are not showing any signs of stopping yet.

I never want to forget the sound of your infectious giggle, and when you giggle so much you get the hic-ups

I never want to forget the way you grab hold of me and pull me in close for a cuddle after your bath, whilst wrapped in your cuddledry towel you pat my back whilst I pat yours.

I never want to forget the way your head bobs as you crawl excitedly to what has caught your attention.

I never want to forget the look on your face and the excited “weeeeeeeeee” noise you make when you are going down the slide.

I never want to forget your concentration face, when your bottom lip pouts out, and you look like Daddy Lloyd even more.

I never want to forget how you cover your eyes with your little hands to hide and play peek-a-boo with anyone and everyone.

I never want to forget how unlike any other baby I know or have met you hate being in your car seat, and unless B Lloyd is sat next to you singing songs and entertaining you you will scream for the entire journey. No the car never gently rocks you to sleep.

I never want to forget how for months you would never consider bedtime until 10pm, and would play and scream and shout at us whilst we tried and often failed to eat dinner

I never want to forget how “Ewok Him” became a term we all used when you got too grumpy, and how bloody cute you then looked.

T Lloyd, now you are 1. Thank you for being you and for bringing such light back into our lives. I have one, very precious, photo of you from when you are 11 days old and you are the spitting image of Harry Lloyd. I have no doubt he is watching over you every second of every day and we thank him for sending you into our arms.

Love Mummy xxx

Teddy's 12 Months


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