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I booked in today a couple of weeks ago, and have had that feeling of growing excitement since. It is time to cut the mop of pregnancy hair that was taking my head hostage.  And seeing as the last three weeks have been a living nightmare – and continue to be with the hospital keeping hold of Daddy Lloyd’s blood for 5 DAYS before sending to the DNA lab (which definitely is for another story rather than in this very lovely post!) I had booked myself in for a colour and cut.

B Lloyd was in need of a trim as well so I decided to make today a proper girly day out to the hairdressers! Poor Toni & Guy in Maidenhead, whether they knew it or not, two girls in need of a good pampering were on their way! But boy did they pamper us! (At this point I think I should point out that this is not a sponsored post AT ALL – B Lloyd and I just simply had a fantastic day, we were truly spoilt by the staff at the salon, and given fantastic customer service. So I just wanted to say a big thank you). Now a lady never reveals the cost attributed to making herself look beautiful so if you could all just not tell Daddy Lloyd about this post I would be most grateful….I fear I *may* have created a mini me monster today who will grow up only ever visiting a Toni & Guy Salon!

SallyAnn has been my hairdresser for years – the poor lady has never been able to get rid of me, as I have stalked her through several Toni & Guy stores, but she is now the manageress of Toni & Guy Maidenhead and I love going in to see her. Every woman has *the* hairdresser that they just love, that just knows their hair, and is the only one that can ever suggest a new style or a new look. SallyAnn is this to me. I trust her implicitly, she is the only person who just gets my hair. She has seen me through the “I want Rachel from Friends Hair” stage, she has seen me through the rebellious “I want to grow my hair long” stage and she encouraged me to be the “young yummy mummy” that I just urn to be. I didn’t even have to tell her what I wanted today. I walked in, we started catching up with the whole pregnancy saga and she started my hair.

SallyAnn’s team are just marvellous, so courteous and always so willing to help, B Lloyd was made to feel like a princess. Amber was just a star with her and I think B Lloyd did rather fall in love with her as before we left she gave Amber a picture of a heart for her to keep! B Lloyd knows how long a trip to the hairdressers may take, especially when I am going the full hog with the colour and cut, so she went well prepared. iPad, DS, notepad and pencils, as well as the addition of some drinks and chocolate. This girl was there for the long haul and happy to be pampered while waiting.

Watching her UV film Road Runner and awaiting her turn


Then came B Lloyd’s turn.  Pictures can speak a hundred words, so I will let you all make your own conclusions on how old my daughter looks and what a fab time she was having been spoilt rotten!

As ever we were both thrilled with the results and came out feeling like a million dollars! It is amazing what a simple haircut can do, just give you a lift and make you feel positively glowing! B Lloyd has not stopped talking about how much fun she had with SallyAnn and Amber today, and I feel relaxed and pampered in a way I haven’t felt for a good few weeks. So Toni & Guy if you are reading, a huge shout out to SallyAnn and her team at Toni & Guy Maidenhead, they truly deserve recognition for the fabulous way we were treated today. I will leave you all with our after shots…..what do you think? *Both girls giggle and give a twirl*

Ta Daaaaa!


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