16 Week Midwife Check

This week we have hit the 16 week mark – it’s funny how the weeks suddenly start to whizz past once you are feeling slightly better. Well apart from the aeroplane incident sickness has been kept to a minimum this week, and with it being half term and the day we got back from Tenerife we all got to camp out at the doctors surgery waiting for the midwife appointment.

The first thing Daddy Lloyd noticed was how big all the other bumps were in the waiting room, ┬ájust in case I needed a little reminder of how big I am going to get….

Obviously not me yet....

B Lloyd was getting restless and kept asking when she was going to see the baby, I told her that we weren’t going to be able to see the baby today, but if we were lucky we would get to hear the heartbeat. Eventually we went in and the midwife took my BP (which I was very pleased to see it was perfect…as it should be really after laying in the sun for a week) and then I got to get up on the bed whilst the midwife got her little handheld scan thing.

B Lloyd piped up and asked where the screen was for her to see what was happening, so I left Daddy Lloyd to explain again that we were only listening whilst I got very nervous while the probe was searching….

Then there it was, a very steady heartbeat. B Lloyd rushed over to my side and her eyes lit up in delight whilst Daddy Lloyd and I couldn’t help but grin wildly at each other. Mini Lloyd suddenly moved and we then heard what I can only describe as ‘whale noises’ it took the midwife a couple of seconds to re find him/her┬ábut it was cool hearing all the moving noises.

The midwife had prodded and poked and definitely woke Mini Lloyd up, and I definitely felt a good few flutters during the afternoon which made the day even more super exciting. Now if you ask B Lloyd what she heard she actually makes a rather brilliant impression of Mini Lloyd, swishing around and beating away but I am getting a little worried that she actually thinks I have a whale inside me rather than a baby!

So another milestone reached and only a matter of weeks before we meet the consultant I will be under and the 20 week scan!

12 thoughts on “16 Week Midwife Check

  1. Congratulations :)

    Almost time for that next scan….Are you finding out the Colour?
    I’m loving the pic of your daughter holding the scan picture, its so cute.

    • Aww thank you for popping over!! We still can’t decide whether to find out the colour or not eeek! I’m going to look forward to reading your progress as well as you are a few weeks ahead! XX

  2. How exciting. I’m 16 weeks on Thursday. My hospital don’t do midwife visits at 16 weeks anymore, they make you wait from 12 to 20. It’s such a long time to wait. I’ve booked into see my GP instead this week, I’m really hoping she can hear the heartbeat. I’ve tried on my home doppler but just found nothing! That said, I’ve felt some flutters so I’m sure everything is ok.

    We’ve recently been debating whether to find out the colour too. Exciting! x

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  4. Glad you got to hear the heartbeat :) It’s such a lovely sound, and so reassuring. M 16 week check was pretty similar in that respect. ‘Whale sounds’ is a good way to describe the swishing. I didn’t take my toddler along – he’s still a bit young to know what’s going on and would probably just have been more interested in looking in all the cupboards in the room as he usually does when we go to the GP! Look forward to hearing about your 20 week scan in a few weeks :) x

    • Thank you Ruth! It is such a relief to hear the heartbeat isn’t it? Glad you thought the movements sound a bit whale like as well :) It is so nice to have found another blog that is going through the same, will be on the look out for more of your posts! X

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