10 things they neglect to tell you

I’m using the term “they” as the universal meaning for those with greater knowledge than the rest of us.

I have been thinking about this for a while and thought it was about time that I put my thoughts onto paper, err I mean blog paper (is that a term?) The 10 things that I think “they” neglect to tell you about the first trimester. Because lets face it if we did know, it would be the best form of contraception ever. I guess this is why we are neglected to be told, or maybe we just forget….

1) That inability to stop eating all foods from the moment you wake up.

2) Those foods that you were so delightfully tucking into two days previously now make you heave and gag at the mere mention of them

3) The superability smell hits you so that everyday normal things smell rank (see previous post Super Smell) and make you sick

4) You feel like you are constantly on a boat, or that you are drunk, even when you are sat still on the sofa – this makes you sick

5) Trying to be healthy and drink your required two litres of water a day to “flush out your toxins” looking at water reminds you of being on a boat, feeling like you are on a boat makes you feel sick – drinking or looking at water makes you sick

6) Unable to keep your eyes open post 7.30pm. Fact.

7) 12 weeks is a very,very, very long time. Especially when you start counting it by Days.

8 ) There is absolutely nothing “blooming” about the fuller face you suddenly have, bloated stomach making your trousers hurt and your lank hair that even GHD’s cannot breath life into.

9) Morning sickness is a MYTH. It lasts all day (and night) and even if you are asleep you can still feel like you are on a boat. This makes you sick.

10) Not one single pregnant woman or Mum(my) would actually change any of these, but it makes me feel better to write them down. Just in case I forget or put back on my lovely rose tinted glasses.

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